"We can't run, we can't hide. We'll have to fight."
Nicholas Rush[src]

The Destiny attack on Drones was a battle between the Berzerker drones of an unknown alien race and Destiny in 2010 in an unnamed galaxy.


Needing to know where it was safe to stop for supplies, Eli Wallace and Dr. Nicholas Rush managed to track where the drone Control Ships were located and discovered that they were at every planet on Destiny's path. Needing to resupply, the crew came up with a plan to tune the shields to the frequency of the Berzerker drones weapons, having gotten that information from the drone they captured and attack a drone cluster. (SGU: "Gauntlet")


First attackEdit

Destiny dropped out of FTL and attacked a Control Ship and its Berzerker drones. Destiny damaged the Control Ship with its weapons, while its own shields held against the Berzerker drones' attack. The drones start using suicide runs that got through the shield, but before too much damage was taken, Destiny got into position and destroyed the Control Ship with its main weapon, rendering the drones inert. Unfortunately, the planet didn't provide much supplies and there was no way for the tactic to work again. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

Second AttackEdit

Needing Palladium hydride to fix eight Stasis pods as part of a plan for the crew to enter stasis and skip the rest of the galaxy, Destiny launched an attack on a Control Ship blockading a planet that held the materials they needed in meteors. Destiny dropped out of FTL a short jump away from the planet and launched a shuttle on autopilot with the same shield modifications broadcasting the same signal an active Stargate would give off. It drew in the Control Ship, which jumped to the position and attacked the shuttle. The shields held, although the shuttle took some damage, and the shuttle got in close to the Control Ship where its engines were overloaded by Eli Wallace and it explodes, destroying the Control Ship. (SGU: "Gauntlet")


The crew got the Palladium hydride needed to fix the eight Stasis pods and most of the crew enters stasis, but one of the pods is too badly damaged to fix in time. Running on minimum life support, one person could stay alive for two weeks and try to fix the pod in time so Eli volunteered and put Colonel Everett Young and Dr. Nicholas Rush, the last two besides him awake, into stasis and remained behind alone to try to fix the problem. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

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