The Ancient starship Destiny houses a gate room, much like Atlantis and Stargate Command. From here, the crew can travel to the various planets on Destiny's course when it drops out of FTL.


Destiny's gate room is located near the center of the ship, directly in front of the large pyramid structure. A series of windows on the roof allow those inside to see out into space. The room has entrances from every direction and on both levels, including behind the gate itself.

The centerpiece of the room, naturally, is the Stargate. Built into the floor, it is situated near the rear wall. Two lines of lights on the floor mark the path the event horizon when the gate is active, and there is a chevron-styled light on the floor just in front of the gate. Hung above the gate is the gate bearing, which lights up in tandem with the glyphs as they lock, and remains lit as long as the gate is active. A pair of vents on each side of the gate occasionally discharge steam when the gate disengages. Near the front of the room, two consoles to either side of the door can be used as Dial Home Devices.

The room has a balcony, accessed by spiral staircases in the two front corners of the room. The room also contains two hubs, and a CO2 scrubber. A jump countdown display is built into the wall above the front door. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


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