"You found the keys to controlling all of Destiny's systems, everything."
Gloria Rush (Destiny avatar)[src]

The primary command center for the Ancient starship Destiny is the bridge. It allows for control of all of Destiny's systems, and requires the master code to unlock.


The bridge is located at the top of the pyramid section of Destiny, specifically just beneath the forward-right section of the roof. The bridge is normally hidden inside the hull, but raises itself upon activation of the main chair console to give those manning it a forward view. In battle situations, it retracts back into the hull for protection.

The bridge is sealed by a large airlock door similar to those that seal off the shuttle docks. The door marked by various gear-like structures which turn when the door is unlocked. There is a two-light indicator on the wall above the door; it remains red when the door is closed, and turns green when the door is opened. A panel on the wall to the right of the door has a keypad to enter the access code. When correctly entered, the blast door unlocks and slides beneath the floor. Behind it is a second, smaller door with an intricate pattern. This is opened by hitting the main door release button.

The centerpiece of the bridge is a large chair with various consoles surrounding it. Three workstations are located near the front of the room, each delegated to a specific area of the ship's operation. It appears that the far-left station is used to access navigation. The consoles on the side of the chair itself can take control of most, if not all, of the primary systems. A button on the chair console can cause three monitors to drop down from the ceiling above each workstation, giving the person manning the chair readouts for every system. They also drop down automatically during battles. There are sealed doors to either side, though it hasn't been shown where they lead. Apparently a certain amount of power is needed for the bridge to be used as when Destiny was running out of power, it retracted into the hull and locked down. (SGU: "Aftermath", "The Greater Good", "Malice", "Resurgence", "Blockade")


Dr. Nicholas Rush gained access to the bridge shortly after the failed Lucian Alliance invasion. When his program to decipher the master code finally succeeded in doing so, he quietly recorded the code and cleared it, using the code to gain access to the bridge. Unwilling to share the discovery until he could fully comprehend the operation of its various systems, his first act was to bring the ship out of FTL within shuttle range of a habitable planet which could be used to replenish their food supplies. The situation took a turn for the worse when the shuttle dispatched to the planet crashed, and he found himself having to concoct excuses for the sudden strange behavior of the ship as he secretly attempted to aid the team. His efforts helped in rescuing the team, but Sgt. Hunter Riley was lost, much to his frustration since he had the best of intentions at the start. (SGU: "Aftermath")

Rush was also on the bridge when Destiny detected a derelict Seed ship and moved to dock with it, though it's not clear if it stopped intentionally or if he redirected it. In either case, he was aware of what would happen. From the bridge, he was able to learn of the Seed ship's large power reserves, which he let the crew discover on their own. When the aliens inhabiting the Seed ship threatened to drain all of Destiny's power, he severed the docking link to save Destiny, stranding Colonel David Telford on the Seed ship. (SGU: "Awakening")

Following this, Rush spent much of his time on the bridge experimenting with the jump countdown, attempting unsuccessfully to set it to his liking. Upon the discovery that Chloe Armstrong was infected with a Nakai pathogen which increased her intellect, Rush enlisted her aid in deciphering the formula to control the countdown, hiding her condition from the rest of the crew by putting her in the interface chair as a supposed cure in exchange for her assistance. Her condition was eventually revealed. (SGU: "Pathogen", "Cloverdale")

Colonel Everett Young would later be subjected to an apparent no-win scenario projected into his dreams by Destiny itself. Young's reaction to the program caused the ship to drop out of FTL, floating in space with no apparent intention of ever moving again. From the bridge, Rush overrode the simulation and put the ship back on course. (SGU: "Trial and Error")

When Rush and Young were trapped on an alien ship headed away from Destiny, Rush enlisted Dr. Amanda Perry's aid in using the bridge to steer the ship and rescue them. Though he was able to covertly get her to the bridge through a series of complex equations, Eli Wallace was able to deduce the meaning of the equations and thus find the bridge himself. This exposed Rush's secret. With the bridge now being common knowledge, the crew started using both it and the Control interface room. (SGU: "The Greater Good")


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