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Desperate Measures is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of Stargate SG-1, and the series 100th episode.


A truck full of Russian soldiers is ambushed and slaughtered by men in black. One of the killers enters the vehicle and finds a man with a tattooed forehead, presumably a Jaffa.

Major Carter is kidnapped by unknown persons. SG-1 suspects NID. O'Neill contacts Maybourne, who denies responsibility and points the finger at Simmons. O'Neill contacts Simmons, who also denies responsibility and points the finger back at Maybourne.

SG-1 learns that Maybourne has been the recipient of three million dollars from a numbered offshore account, and that the account is owned by a businessman named Adrian Conrad.

O'Neill learns through Maybourne that he had arranged to obtain a Goa'uld symbiote from a Russian SG team for a purpose unknown to Maybourne. It turns out that the symbiote was purchased by Conrad to heal his life-threatening disease, which is in the final stages. Conrad is staying in an abandoned hospital in Seattle. SG-1 and the local SWAT team surround the hospital and prepare to rescue Carter.

In the hospital, Conrad's doctors put him in restraints and implant him with the Goa'uld. The doctors leave to dissect Carter's brain (so they can learn how to remove the symbiote). Just as the doctors are about to deliver the coup de grace to Carter, O'Neill and Maybourne come in and stop the procedure.

Meanwhile Conrad (or the symbiote pretending to be Conrad) sweet-talks his executive assistant into releasing him. Needless to say, the Goa'uld escapes and SG-1 begins scouring the hospital to find him.

O'Neill corners the Goa'uld in the basement, but is shot in the back by Simmons. Simmons then takes the Goa'uld to one of NID's facilities for his own purposes.

Carter finds O'Neill in the basement, and they also find that Maybourne also managed to escape the hospital. Since nobody was aware of Simmons' presence, SG-1 assumes it was Maybourne.




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