"Descent" is the third episode of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.


With Jonas Quinn now the fourth member of the team, SG-1's first mission is to investigate a supposedly abandoned Ha'tak vessel orbiting Earth. They discover that it belonged to Anubis, and that the consciousness of Thor caused the ship to malfunction. Furthermore, the ship is heading down towards the Pacific Ocean and there doesn't seem to be any way to stop it.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

Anubis captures Thor and uses a Mind probe to download his knowledge into his ship's computer. SG-1 manages to rescue Thor but after the probe is removed, he slips into a coma.


A Tel'tak with SG-1, Jacob Carter, Major Paul Davis and Dr. Friesen on board flies to a Ha'tak which was detected near Earth. Jonas Quinn is very joyful since he has never been in space before and Teal'c agrees. When they arrive at the ship (which Major Samantha Carter identifies as the one Anubis used to hold Thor captive) they detect that it is unmanned and all except Teal'c and Jonas ring on board. While they go to the pel'tak they hear an unknown crackling sound. In the meantime Teal'c contacts Major General George S. Hammond.

On the pel'tak they find out that the self-destruct was suspended, so Carter and Davis go to the computer core to completely stop it; however, the area is sealed off. Meanwhile, Colonel Jack O'Neill and Friesen look around when O'Neill is called to blow up the door to the computer core. Friesen then looks for the shield generator but he is suddenly confronted by three ninja Jaffa.

On the Tel'tak, Jonas talks with Teal'c about the rumor that he was only chosen so that a Russian wouldn't have to become a member of SG-1. However Teal'c tells him not to listen to things like this. Back on the Ha'tak, Carter suggests that Thor may be responsible for the situation of the ship. When they contact Friesen and he doesn't answer, O'Neill looks for him and finds him dead. O'Neill warns the others. Jacob is then shot by the Ninja Jaffa, who program the ship to fall to Earth. The others then arrive on the pel'tak and O'Neill calls Teal'c. Moments later, the three ninjaffa beam on board and are quickly neutralized by Teal'c. However, they destroy the transportation rings, stranding SG-1 on the Ha'tak.

Back at Stargate Command, Teal'c and Jonas arrive and are informed by Hammond about the situation. The two aliens then join the rescue mission. On the way to the airport, Jonas is angry with himself because he couldn't do anything, but Teal'c remarks that it was not anyone's fault because no one could have possibly known about the ambush.

On the submerged Ha'tak, Jacob talks with O'Neill about what has happened when Carter and Davis tell them that there is structural damage. Carter and O'Neill attempt to go to the computer core, but there is water coming in and suddenly the two are locked when the door behind them closes. Jacob can't open it and the water rises until he believes that they have drowned. Suddenly the door opens and they escape. Meanwhile, Jonas and Teal'c have arrived in the rescue submarine. They all meet on the pel'tak and it turns out that the crackling is Thor's voice, leading them to believe that Thor's downloaded mind is still intact in the ship's computer. SG-1 (without Jonas) is able to load his mind into a data storage device. On the way back, the door closes because the corridor is flooded, and as all the other corridors are already flooded, they seem to be stranded. Then, Carter and Teal'c come up with the idea to try to escape through the Death Glider hangar.

While Jacob and Davis escape with the submarine, Jonas tries to activate the force field of the hangar. He is successful and then uses a ring transporter to beam to the rest of the team. They get into the gliders and fly out, shortly before the ship explodes. Then, they use the gliders to fly home and in the end, O'Neill tells Jacob that all members of SG-1 are "present and accounted for."


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Notable quotes[]

Carter: Has Anubis ever done anything like this before?
Jacob: This is a first. It must have been a little crazy around the SGC when it showed up, huh? (Smiles)
Carter: You have no idea!
Jacob: I have a pretty good idea, Sam. (Teal'c cocks his head towards Jacob) I used to be an Air Force general, remember?

O'Neill: (Looks at Jonas, who is shaking his head, smiling widely in awe) What are you smiling at?
Jonas: Well, it's just that it's my first time... in space.
O'Neill: Ah... (He looks at Sam, and rolls his eyes)
Jonas: We'd only begun to consider the possibility of space travel, and to actually be out here is... (Teal'c cocks his head) It's amazing.
Teal'c: (Big grin) Indeed.
O'Neill: Until something goes... horribly wrong.
Davis: What's our status?
Carter: The ship should be just a few hundred kilometers dead ahead. There.
O'Neill: Ship Ahoy-hoy…

Teal'c: The crew appears to have abandoned ship General Hammond.
Hammond: That's good news. I don't mind telling you that we've all been holding our breaths down here.
Teal'c: That is most unwise.
Hammond: (Big Grin) Yes, of course Teal'c.

Jacob: This ship belonged to Anubis.
O'Neill: (Monty Burns impression) Excellent!

O'Neill: Dr. Friesen says he want's a look at the shield generators.
Jacob: Did he say why?
Friesen: (After Jack looks at him) Why? To see them.
O'Neill: (To Dr. Friesen) To see them? (To Jacob) Never mind.

O'Neill: I have to go blow something up.

(O'Neill blows open a door with explosives)
Davis: WOO!!  That was loud.
O'Neill: What!?

Teal'c: O'Neill would not have chosen you if he did not believe you would become an effective member of SG-1.
Jonas: Why thanks Teal'c. I really appreciate that. I mean, those of us who are not originally from the planet earth need to stick together, right?
Teal'c: Are you suggesting an alien conspiracy?

(As the room they are sealed in floods with sea water)
O'Neill: Next time we crash our brand new mothership, what do you say we do it in the tropics, huh?
Carter: Actually sir, It wouldn't make a difference, at this depth, all water is ice cold.
O'Neill: Shallower water then, shallower!
Carter: Yes sir, I'll keep that in mind.
O'Neill: Or, we could just not crash at all. It would be nice to keep our nice new mothership more than a couple of hours.
Carter: Yes, sir.

(As they discuss whether to download Thor's consciousness from the computer)
Davis: I know Thor was a friend of yours, but this is a Goa'uld mothership. If we let it blow up, there will be nothing left to salvage.
Jacob: Jack, the ship is never going to fly again. I say having the Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet owe you one is much more valuable.
O'Neill: Yeah. Alright, next mothership we keep.

(in the Death Glider, Jonas is smiling widely again)
O'Neill: Are you smiling?
Jonas: First time in a Death Glider.
O'Neill: Oh... well... (spins the Glider upside-down)

(After O'Neill has taken a seat on Anubis' throne)
Jacob: Are you really thinking of taking this ship?
O'Neill: Well, yeah.
Jacob: What if it's a Trojan horse?
O'Neill: Well, they're doing it wrong.


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  • This episode has a different title sequence than the first two episodes of this season as during "Redemption, Part 1" and "Redemption, Part 2", the names of the cast members were shown with the Stargate spinning in the background whereas from this episode, brand new opening credits for the cast are introduced.
  • The Next Time trailer at the end of the episode is for "Abyss", rather than "Frozen", the actual next episode.
  • Some of the dialogue between O'Neill and Jacob Carter about salvaging the mothership - like "slapping a US Air Force sticker on it" - is almost identical to the episode "Exodus" in which they were in a similar situation. Similar dialogue was in "Tangent."
  • The scene with O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter drowning in the corridor was shot at Vancouver's Olympic pool. The set was slowly submerged in the pool, creating the illusion of rising water.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the US Air Force Patch on all SGC Uniforms.
  • O'Neill's comment about something going horribly wrong and then having Major Paul Davis come on screen is an in-joke to the fact that the Major only shows up when something goes wrong at the SGC.
  • In this episode one Ha'tak ship is destroyed as a result of the self-destruct sequence initiated by Anubis. This is the thirty-fourth since Stargate Command's inception.


  • Teal'c's Jaffa mark is backwards in the scene where he and Jonas Quinn are driving the truck through the rain. The DVD commentary reveals that both actors were shot separately in the same seat (Jonas's seat) the footage for Teal'c was simply mirrored to give the impression that both actors were side by side.
  • While Jonas and Teal'c are talking in the Tel'tak, Teal'c says that this is Jonas' first mission, but at the end of "Redemption, Part 2", SG-1 left on a mission of some sort through the Stargate. It's possible that SG-1 rendezvoused with Jacob Carter on a Tok'ra planet and then traveled to Earth in his cargo ship.
  • They mentioned they crashed in salty water of the ocean, but the radios still work after being submerged. Unless they are water tight Marine radios.
  • Just before Major Samantha Carter removes the crystal panel (34:20), we can see a room being flooded very rapidly, but the water level stops abruptly before reaching the ceiling.


Other languages[]

  • French: Réunion (Reunion)
  • Italian: Conto alla Rovescia (Countdown)
  • Spanish: Descenso (Descent)
  • Czech: Havárie (Crash)
  • Hungarian: Zuhanás (Dive)
  • German: Notlandung (Emergency Landing)

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