Denya was a young woman living in the village of Ver Isca, who was considered the "village harlot."

Biography[edit | edit source]

2006[edit | edit source]

After Vala Mal Doran was transported to the Alteran Home Galaxy during her successful attempt to destroy the first Supergate at Kallana in 2005, she came in contact with Denya. After the two got to know each other and became friends, Vala became convinced that Denya was a member of the Anti-Ori underground. However, unwilling to risk her life by simply trusting her, Denya had Administrator Seevis place her on the village Ara to test her allegiance. For three days Vala remained tied to the sacrificial stone, until her husband, Tomin, rescued her. Seevis allowed him to come to her aid, and finally became convinced that Vala was trustworthy.

Both Denya and Seevis subsequently admitted they were members of the Anti-Ori underground. In 2006, following a failed attempt to sabotage several Ori warships, which would have killed tens of thousands present at the activation ceremony, Denya and Seevis brought Vala to an Ancient long-range communication device, allowing her to contact Stargate Command in the Milky Way. However, a Prior had told Tomin of Denya and Seevis' treachery and he eventually killed them both. (SG1: "Crusade")

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