"Welcome to P2X-649. Please follow me to the Delta Site, or as Captain Hart calls it, 'Thunderbird Site'. I guess he's keeping on the mythological bird naming theme, I dunno."
Captain Dave Powierski[src]

Delta Site is a Tau'ri outpost on P2X-649. Captain Leon Hart, leader of Phoenix-4, calls it Thunderbird Site. It's located a short walk through the jungle from the Stargate. (RPG: "Perfidy")


The encampment was constructed in February 2003, after an Asgard science vessel crashed landed on the planet and the Tau'ri were given salvage rights. Phoenix-3 defended the stargate from Wepwawet's Jaffa. Phoenix-4 and Phoenix-5 were at Delta site protecting it and General Philip Kevin Loyer, who was off-world to oversee the mission. (RPG: "Ave Maria", "Perfidy")

In March, Haven citizens, and civilians and refugees that were waiting for housing in the town, were evacuated to Delta Site when Wepwawet's Ha'taks entered Phoenix planet's sector. (RPG: "United")

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