Dean Devlin is a film producer and screenwriter. He worked with Roland Emmerich on Stargate, Independence Day and Godzilla and is even responsible for creating the TV series, "Leverage" which Devlin also directed twelve episodes of. Devlin has the distinction of being webmaster for the Stargate website, which was the first official movie website.

Dean's mother, Pilar Seurat, had a supporting role in the Star Trek episode "Wolf in the Fold" (1967), and she brought home a "phaser gun" souvenir for him. He was a young sci-fi fan.

Dean won Sci-Fi Universe Magazine Reader's Choice Award (1996) & George Pal Memorial Award (1998), both as Best Writer for 'Independence Day'.

He and Emmerich do not consider Stargate SG-1 a valid continuation of the Stargate movie.

"We have nothing to do with the television series. Let me just clear that up right now- We have NOTHING to do with the T.V. series."
―Dean Devlin during the audio commentary of Stargate.

However, during the audio commentary, in the departing scene, he did say that Feretti was going to play a nice role in the sequel, that is until the television series had him killed in the first episode, although it was Kawalsky who was killed (actually in the third episode) and not Feretti.

"Now there's a character who was going to play a nice little role in the sequel... But then they killed him in the T.V. series!- They killed Feretti in the first episode of the T.V. series!"
―Dean Devlin in the audio commentary of the movie Stargate

He later revealed in one of the special features of the 15th anniversary Blu-ray edition that Emmerich and himself were approached, but were busy with other projects. However, he now plans to eventually do the sequels now that the television series is calming itself down, and plans to have it with James Spader and Kurt Russell.

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