Darian is a native of Juna and the husband of Hira.



He was grateful when SG-1 helped his people overthrow the Jaffa of Heru'ur. However, Cronus later came and took over his planet after Heru'ur's death. The robot SG-1 team visited Juna and Darian helped in their capture. When he was ordered to kill Daniel Jackson, he shot and blew off the android's head. To both his and Cronus' surprise, Daniel Jackson was not Human. Soon after this he realized that Cronus was no god and offered his aid to SG-1 and their robot selves. Darian helped SG-1 and robot O'Neill infiltrate the pyramid to get to the Transportation rings and killed Sindar during the skirmish that followed. He stayed with the robot O'Neill in the pyramid when SG-1 traveled to the ship to kill Cronus and tried to help his injuries though he was told not to bother since the robot was almost out of power. Soon after, the real O'Neill returned and told Darian that Cronus was dead and to inform his people. O'Neill told him to bring anyone who didn't believe Cronus wasn't a god this time to see his body and Darian eagerly ran off to do so. (SG1: "Double Jeopardy")


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