Darcy Laurie

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{{Infobox Actor/Actress
|actor/actress name =Darcy Laurie
:''Born: 28 March 1966 in Montréal, Québec, [[Canada]]''
|image =[[File:DarcyLaurie.png|250px]]
|birth name =
|alias =* Darcie Laurie
* Darcie Lawrey
* Darcy Lawrie
|nickname(s) =
|date of birth =[[March 28]], [[1966]]
|place of birth =Montréal, Québec, Canada
|date of death =
|place of death =
|gender =Male
|height =
|hair colour =
|eye colour =
|nationality =[[Canada|Canadian]]
|marital status =
|official site =
|notable role(s) =
|character(s) =*[[Avnilian man|Cave-Dweller]] (SG1)
*[[Tass'an]] (SG1)
*[[Dunning]] (SGU)
||hideo = y}}
'''Darcy Laurie''' is a [[Canada|Canadian]] actor. Darcy is of Irish, Scottish and Cuban descent. Darcy boxed and played football growing up in Montreal's infamous Point St. Charles district. He remains involved in athletics helping coach his son's football and baseball teams.
<gallery widths="150" orientation="landscape" spacing="small" bordercolor="#94C7D1" captionalign="center">
*Cave-Dweller ([[SG1]]: "[[The First Commandment]]")
File:Avnilian man.jpg|[[Avnilian man|Cave-Dweller]]<br><nowiki>{{Cite|SG1|The First Commandment}}</nowiki>
*[[Tass'an]] ([[SG1]]: "[[Babylon (episode)|Babylon]]")
File:Dunning.jpg|[[Airman]] [[Dunning]]<br>[[Dunning - List of Appearances|List of Appearances]]
==External links==
==External links==
* {{IMDb-name|id=0491394}}
*[ Darcy Laurie] at [ IMDb].
* {{|id=50111}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Laurie, Darcy}}
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