"There can only be one commander and Kiva's dead. Any objections?"

Dannic is a member of the Lucian Alliance and was part of Kiva's attack force that invaded the Ancient ship Destiny.



During the invasion of Destiny, the expedition was forced to surrender in order to save the ship. While gathering all expedition members into one area, Colonel David Telford managed to slip away and begin transferring ship control back to Dr. Nicholas Rush. He was discovered by Kiva and the two shot each other. They were both found unconscious and Dannic assumed that the expedition operatives had breached their lines. With Varro out-of-the-loop in the infirmary, Dannic quickly assumed control. He separated the civilian hostages from the military and began rounding up all the officers to be executed. He also left Lt. Matthew Scott and MSgt. Ronald Greer trapped outside the ship with another radiation burst on the way. When Colonel Everett Young pleaded for him to allow Greer and Scott back inside the ship, Dannic broke his nose with the butt of his gun.

Varro managed to keep Dannic from killing the expedition members, eventually getting him to dump them on another planet instead. When Rush threatened to kill the Alliance members by dropping the shields protecting them, Varro suggested complying with Rush's demands. Dannic instead took complete control, sending Varro and those loyal to him through the gate to join the expedition members. As Rush further solidified his position, Dannic became increasingly irrational, refusing to accept his imminent death. Seeing that he would get them all killed and that he had gone insane, Ginn shot him in the back several times as he was about to kill Telford, killing Dannic. Ginn then accepted the surrender Dannic refused to. (SGU: "Subversion", "Incursion, Part 1", "Incursion, Part 2", "Intervention")

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