Damaris, human of the Ori Home Galaxy. His wife's name was Adina and they had two sons, Jaden and Allon. He was a believer in the Ori prophecies and later became a Prior. He was one of the Priors that travelled to the Milky Way to spread the Origin faith.

He ordered the Sodan to erradicate a group of peaceful farmers just because they didn't want to serve the Ori. They did not obey so he came back to question them. With help from technology brought to the Sodan from Earth, Damaris powers was stilled temporarily so that SG-1 could draw blood from him. When he regained consciousness he got some of his powers back but was killed before he could do too much damage to the surrounding area and the people. He did however have time to infect General Hank Landry with the Ori plague. (SG1: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")

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