Dakara weapon

The Dakara Superweapon powering up

The Dakara superweapon is a weapon based on Dakara capable of wiping out all life on a planet. Created by the Ancients, the device was originally used to reseed the Milky Way after the Ori plague wiped out most of the Ancients and forced them to leave in Atlantis to the Pegasus galaxy. When the Jaffa Rebellion took Dakara from Ba'al, he warned Brigadier General Jack O'Neill about the threat, and that Anubis was planning to use the weapon to wipe out the Milky Way. Colonel Samantha Carter and Jacob Carter intended to destroy the weapon, but with Baal's help, they used it to wipe out the Replicators. Anubis attempted to reuse the weapon, but Oma Desala engaged him in eternal struggle to prevent him from doing so. (SG1: "Reckoning", "Threads")

During the Ori invasion, the Free Jaffa Nation used the weapon to destroy the crew of an Ori battlecruiser. Adria, however, was unaffected by the weapon, and destroyed it, devastating Dakara and killing many Jaffa. (SG1: "Counterstrike")

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