Dahlia Radim is a female Genii and Ladon Radim's sister.



She worked in close proximity to a Genii A-bomb, which was poorly shielded and as a result she suffered from radiation poisoning, which could not be effectively treated by Genii medicine. Luckily, she and a number of her people were later treated by Earth's superior medicines, which Ladon was grateful for. She underwent surgery to remove a lung tumor caused by the effects of excess radiation. After being appointed as the new Genii leader after his Coup d'etat, Ladon seemed far less antagonistic towards the Atlantis expedition than Cowen was.

She had raised her brother after they were forcibly conscripted into Cowen's service and was very dear to him. As they grew up, Ladon and Dahlia had tutored each other in each new thing they learned together, ensuring they rose through the ranks of the Genii together and were not separated. A major part of the reason for Ladon's coup was he felt he had nothing to lose when he found out Dahlia was dying. As a result of Atlantis saving her, Ladon feels he has a debt to the expedition he can never pay and never dare to try. After his coup, Ladon made Dahlia his Chief Scientist, both due to her skill and because of her being his sister. (SGA: "Coup D'etat", "Legacy: Homecoming")


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