The Daganians are a race of Humans from the Pegasus Galaxy. Their homeworld is Dagan, formerly known as Sudaria. The Daganians are the descendents of the Sudarians, but what is certain is that many Daganians have embraced Sudarian history as their own.

In fact, the Daganians have, in their midst, a new Brotherhood to look after the Potentia themselves with the new Brotherhood certain that the Ancients will return one day and ultimately reward them for their loyalty in protecting the Potentia from harm although the Daganians themselves remain unaware of the fact that the Ancients have actually long since left the Pegasus galaxy and will never ever return.

Unlike the Atlantis Expedition and the Genii who have a hostile relationship with each other, the Daganians are not at war with the Genii with both sides often known to have put aside their weapons and work together toward a mutual goal. (SGA: "The Brotherhood")

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