"On that day, I swore that I would become First Prime of Apophis, sworn enemy of Cronus."

Cronus was a Goa'uld, and the most influential of the System Lords.



Cronus's symbol.

Cronus, allying with the Supreme System Lord Ra and with Apophis—one of his mortal enemies—were among the main System Lords who allied to overthrow Sokar, with Cronus being the one to formally banish him. Ro'nak, the father of Teal'c, was his First Prime, but had ordered a retreat, for which Cronus killed him, crushing his prim'ta, causing a slow, agonizing death. Teal'c and his mother were banished to Chulak, where Teal'c vowed to become First Prime of Apophis. He was also the one who sent the Ashrak to kill Jolinar of Malkshur.

When the Asgard sought to have Earth included in the Protected Planets Treaty, Cronus led the delegation, which included Yu and Nirrti. Nirrti opposed the plan, and used a cloaking device to conceal herself to attack Cronus, framing Teal'c. Nirrti then falsly tried to heal him, but Samantha Carter healed Cronus herself. In return, Cronus agreed to support the treaty, but warned the Tau'ri that any who were captured would be dealt with harshly.

Two years later, Crouns took the planet Juna, previously controlled by Heru'ur. When the robotic copies of SG-1 came through, the real SG-1 came to rescue them, and Cronus was confronted by both the robotic Teal'c and the real Teal'c. Cronus attempted to kill the real Teal'c by killing his prim'ta—the same way Cronus had killed his father—but the robotic Teal'c shot Cronus with a Staff weapon.

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