Crew quarters are the rooms aboard starships assigned to an individual or small groups of personnel to serve as their retreat when off-duty. They typically contain at least one bed, a desk, and, in most cases, a toilet. However, quarters can vary greatly, depending on the purpose of the ship. For instance, as battleships are not built for comfort or mission longevity, crew quarters are appropriately small and sparse. Whereas City-ships, such as Atlantis, require more spacious and comfortable quarters as its inhabitants are ideally there for long periods of time. It is also common practice in most cultures to assign the more luxurious quarters to the more senior personnel, while other crewmen are given smaller ones.

Ancient quartersEdit

Modern Ancient vessels, such as City-ships and Aurora-class battleships, usually contain sparsely but smartly decorated quarters which follow the usual design trends of Ancient ships. Due to the size of most Ancient vessels, it is uncommon for crew members to have to share accommodations.


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Scott's quarters

Information about the crew quarters aboard the Destiny is currently limited, as the habitats of the current crew are essentially wherever one chooses to settle, due to the fact that much of the ship is either damaged or unexplored. Because of this, crew quarters aboard Destiny vary in size and relative quality. Size of the quarters somewhat depends on where it is on the ship. The rooms that have been found to be actual, standard crew quarters seem to have the same amenities, a table with stools, a bed and some sort of arm chair.

Eli Wallace bunk

Eli Wallace's bunk in his quarters aboard Destiny.

Eli Wallace chose the Kino room, just down a corridor from the Gate room as his quarters. He sleeps in a single bunk, which was probably a bench, to one side of the room. To the other side is a control console from which Eli conducts much of his research and above which Eli has posted pictures/still images he has taken with the Kino. Colonel Everett Young met with Eli in his quarters to have him spy on others using the Kinos in order to determine how mass quantities of water had gone missing from Destiny's supplies. Before leaving, he ordered Eli to clean his quarters. (SGU: "Water")

Lt. Matthew Scott appears to have acquired the largest quarters as his own, rather than simply settle in a vacant room. His room contains several couches and arm chairs, a dining table, and smaller tables. Chloe Armstrong visited Scott in his quarters while he recovered from an exhaustive search on a desert planet for lime and since beginning a relationship, has spent several more nights with him. (SGU: "Air, Part 3", "Space")


The living quarters on Atlantis were more spacious and comfortable as its inhabitants are ideally there for long periods of time.

Mobile drilling platformEdit

The quarters on the Mobile drilling platform were shared by several crewmembers. The large room contained at least four bunks built into the walls as well as a bench in the center. (SGA: "Submersion")

Aurora-class battleshipsEdit

The quarters on Aurora-class battleships have not been seen but may be similar to the quarters on the Mobile drilling platform.

Tau'ri quartersEdit

Midway space stationEdit

Three Stooges

Teal'c and Ronon Dex watch The Three Stooges in their quarters aboard Midway.

The quarters aboard the Midway space station are small two person rooms with bunkbeds, a sink, a toilet and a television. (SGA: "Midway")


The crew quarters aboard 304s for senior crewmembers at quite large but the quarters for the rest of the crew have not been shown. (SG1: "Unending")

Stargate CommandEdit

The quarters at Stargate Command vary in size and comfort. Base personnel are assigned perminate quarters and allowed to bring personal belongings. Visitors are assigned temporary quarters for the duration of their stay.

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