"Well, that was refreshing! He didn't try to kill us even once!"
Rodney Mckay

Cowen was the Chief of the Genii and an enemy of the Atlantis expedition.


When Cowen was first encountered by Major John Sheppard's team, they believed he was the leader of a simple Amish-like people. They began to negotiate for a piece of their Tava bean crop. He was hesitant at first because he said it would require them to clear land. Sheppard then showed them an easy way to clear a stump using C-4. He agreed to give them a supply of Tava in exchange for some C-4 and medical supplies. After getting clearance from Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Sheppard returned by Dr. Rodney McKay detected traces of radiation and followed it to a hatch to an underground bunker. They were detained by military personnel and then Cowen entered the room in uniform. He explained the Genii used to be a Confederation of planets but know hide underground from the Wraith. McKay realizes the radiation is from the development of Nuclear warheads. Sheppard offers their help in there creation if they form an alliance against the Wraith. Cowen wants to use a Puddle Jumper to infiltrate a Hive Ship and access data core. Sheppard agrees and they head for the Hive. Once there, they get the info but Tyrus is shot with a Wraith stunner and left behind. Once back on the Genii homeworld, Cowen's men surround the team and blame Teyla Emmagan for his death. Sheppard then orders two Jumpers to decloak and Cowen stands down. (SGA: "Underground")

After ordering his troops to betray the Expedition several times, he was finally betrayed by Ladon Radim, one of his top lieutenants, as part of a military coup. This resulted in Cowen's death in a nuclear blast.

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