"Covenant" is the eighth episode of the eighth season of Stargate SG-1.


When Alec Colson, a wealthy industrialist intends on letting the public know of the existence of alien life after finding evidence on the Battle of Antarctica, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter attempts to intervene and convince him that Stargate Command is too important to be revealed. However, the SGC is not the only secretive organization that wants to silence Colson.


Covenant 1

Alec Colson, a wealthy and veritable aerospace entrepreneur, claims to the world he possesses evidence of extraterrestrial life, effectively exposing Stargate Command's various exploits over the years. He gives the United States of America 24 hours to reveal the truth, or he will. Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson visit him, and he shows them photographs of Anubis' fleet exiting hyperspace and the Prometheus during the Battle of Antarctica. He warns them he has more evidence, and refuses to back down.

Alec Colson's Asgard

Alec Colson's Asgard

The next day, he produces an Asgard at a press conference. The team discovers that Colson Industries was one of the many tech companies that the SGC contracted to work on back-engineering alien technology, and that he was a key member in the production of the F-302 fighter-interceptor. As part of the SGC effort to sequence Asgard DNA, one of the subsidiary companies under Colson's direction was contracted for the work; after performing the process for the SGC, the company proceeded to secretly clone the Asgard, which was then presented in the press release.

Thor 5

Thor sitting in O'Neill's office, waiting to meet the president

Meanwhile, Colson is contemplating releasing information about Anubis' attack on Earth when suddenly, the Asgard clone, all of the cloning equipment, and Colson himself are beamed out, much to the surprise of his staff. At the SGC, Carter reveals the truth about the Stargate Program and pleads with him not to reveal the truth. The plan backfires, however, and Colson is even more emboldened to tell his story. However, after an assassination attempt, as well as the suicide of Brian Vogler, one of Colson's most trusted employees, SG-1 discovers that The Trust has targeted Colson for assassination. Carter visits Colson, who appears to be about to shoot himself, and tells him that his company and employees will be safe. She finally convinces him that the only way for him to avoid jail and avoid assassination is for him to go into hiding, not on Earth, but another planet.


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Notable quotes[]

Colson: As you all know, about five months ago our planet suffered a horrible tragedy. Over two thousand American servicemen and women were killed when a meteor shower disrupted global communications and hit a United States Naval carrier group on maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean. I'm here today to challenge the facts of that incident as they've been conveyed to the general public. On the day in question, none of our satellites detected a meteor shower. Now I don't know how many governments around the world are in on this, but I do know we are being lied to. And the truth is being covered up.
Carter: (watching the press conference) Uh oh.
Colson: Ladies and gentlemen, there is life beyond our world. There are aliens out there and they have a technology far beyond ours and they have been intervening in our existence for quite some time. I have proof. And I am giving the governments of all the nations that are aware of this 24 hours to reveal the truth. Or I'm going to do it for them.

Carter: Colson developed the Multi-Engine-Control-System for the F-302s, Colson didn't know what they were for, of course, but he's a brilliant engineer.
O'Neill: He's also a little nuts, isn't he?
Carter: You've test-flown experimental aircraft...
Jackson: We all go through the gate...
O'Neill: This isn't about us.

O'Neill: All right, see if he can be convinced not to go public.
Jackson: Without actually telling him anything?
O'Neill: Right.

Colson: I'm a big fan. Pyramids as landing pads for alien ships? Fascinating.
Jackson: Uh, that was a long time ago.
Colson: Yeah, what have you been up to since? It's like you just dropped off the map.
Jackson: I've been around.

Colson: Yesterday I told you of our belief in the existence of intelligent life beyond our planet. I also told you that we believe several governments—including our own—have known abut this. And have been concealing the information for quite some time. Yesterday I challenged those governments to come clean; reveal the truth. We got only silence. Which gives me no choice but to present to you what evidence I have. How do I know for sure that alien life really does exist? Ladies and gentlemen, seeing is believing. (An Asgard is ushered into the room.)
O'Neill: Well I'd call that something.

Carter: Okay, here's a possibility. What if it wasn't really an Asgard?
Jackson: Looked like one.
Carter: Didn't sound like one.
Jackson: It didn't say anything.
Carter: That's my point. Colson wrapped things up pretty quickly without taking any questions.
Jackson: It was a perfect likeness.
Carter: Imagery of little gray aliens has been commonplace on Earth for years. For that matter, Colson could have a picture.
Jackson: So not a real Asgard?
Carter: No Asgard we know would allow himself to be used that way.
Jackson: Well, it did look a little vacant.

O'Neill: Well, the Pentagon has lost all patience.
Jackson: What do they going to do?
O'Neill: They want us to put a stop to it.
Carter: How?
O'Neill: We're calling in a marker. (Nothing happens) Yep... calling in a marker.
Thor: (beaming in) Greetings.

O'Neill: How about a hyperdrive for the Prometheus?
Thor: That is something I must discuss with the High Council.
O'Neill: Thor, come on. You said you wanted to get something nice for the President.

O'Neill: Well, Thor and I are meeting with the President in five minutes. I'll bring it up.
Carter: Five minutes?
O'Neill: Oh, yeah. (O'Neill and Thor beam out)
Carter: Right. (Daniel just shrugs)


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  • Alec Colson says that "over 2,000" service members died in the attack on the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group. Either he is seriously understating the casualties, or the carrier was not entirely destroyed. A Nimitz-class aircraft carrier alone has a crew of approximately 5,000.
  • In the DVD commentary for the episode, it is revealed that the Colson Industries set is actually the Stargate: Atlantis set and was also one of the sets for Blade: Trinity.
  • The name Alec Colson bears resemblance to a character in MacGyver, Andy Colson.
  • When Colson and Carter confront Vogler over his role in doctoring the companies' financial books, Vogler asks why Colson brought Carter, and if she had a time machine to go back and fix everything. Eleven episodes later in the season, the Time Jumper would be discovered, which would be used to travel back in time and alter events, as well as retrieve a Zero Point Module for the Atlantis expedition.
  • This episode reveals that it takes three months for the Asgard to clone a mature adult Asgard body.
  • The news report about Alec Colson being watched in the briefing room states his net worth to be "over $60 billion". This would make Alec Coulson at least $13 billion richer than any real world person at that time in 2004 (Bill Gates at a net worth of $46.6 billon being the highest). It is unknown if anyone in the Stargate timeline has even higher net worth.


  • In the scene where Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Alec Colson are leaving for the Alpha Site, in the close-up of the gate spinning, it can be seen that the gate prop has parts chipped off it (immediately above the chevron pictured) and the inner spinning ring (or possibly the main ring) is uneven.

Other languages[]

  • French: Aux Yeux Du Monde (To the World to See)
  • Italian: Alleanza (Alliance)
  • Spanish: Convenio (Convenant)
  • Czech: Úmluva (Covenant)
  • German: Colson (Colson)
  • Hungarian: Egyezség (Agreement)

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