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Corrin was a leader within the Lucian Alliance.


He was the one in charge of the Lucian Alliance's take over of the planet Haidon.

During the take over of Haidon, Corrin and his men surrounded three Xi'an warriors who attempted to escape through the stargate. They surrendered, but Corrin ordered the deaths of two of them. He spared Duizhu Cheung so she could deliver a message to the Xi'an homeworld that the Lucian Alliance was coming, and they must surrender or die. He then roughly pushed her through the event horizon.

During the attack on the Xi'an homeworld, Corrin and his soldiers ambushed Colonel Everett Young and his men in System Lord Vu's palace. Corrin knew of Young and told him to tell his men to drop their weapons. Just as they were forced to surrender, Cheung killed Corrin from behind with her sword through his chest. (SGU: "Icarus 1")

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  1. The character is marked as in his "30s" in the script, therefore it can be estimated that he was born between 1970 and 1979.
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