"Does it have a name?"
"A name? Why name a ship? That's what the Tau'ri do. This is Corrin's ship, so that's what we call it.
Colonel David Telford and Balint[src]

Corrin's ship is a Ha'tak the Lucian Alliance leader Corrin commanded until his death, after which it was then under the command of Balint.


Commanding OfficersEdit

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When Colonel David Telford went undercover in the Lucian Alliance, he severed on Corrin Ship as a vanguard. His unit led a successful charge on Haidon.

During the campaign on Xi'an, Corrin the ship's commander, was killed and their ground troops were overwhelmed. Balint had the Ha'tak beam himself and Telford back onboard.

Later, Balint became the new commanding officer of the ship and he used a Goa'uld brainwashing device on Telford to make him a Tau'ri mole. (SGU: "Icarus 3")

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