Deadalus under fire

The Daedalus being hit by the full force of the coronal mass ejection.

A Coronal mass ejection is a massive spurt of plasma from the corona of a star.


The coronal mass ejection from the star of P4X-639 created a Geomagnetic storm and was used in 2000 to activate the Ancient time loop machine. (SG1: "Window of Opportunity")

The star in the Lantean system produces a larger coronal mass ejection than our own star. Every 15,000 years, the ejection of the star is large enough to devastate the planet Lantea. 15,000 years ago, the Lantean ship Adaris was hit by such an ejection. The radiation killed most of the crew, but the badly wounded pilot sent the ship through hyperspace to Atlantis to warn the Lanteans about the coronal mass ejection. The Lanteans used the three Zero Point Modules of the city to expand the shield to cover a significant portion of the planet, thus saving most of it. In 2006, the Atlantis expedition encountered another one after being telepathically warned by the Flagisallus. The expedition used their one ZPM to strengthen the Daedalus' shield and intercepted the coronal mass ejection at very close range, which luckily only lasted a short amount of time. The gap created in the blowout wave by the Daedalus eventually widened enough by the time it reached Lantea to completely miss it. (SGA: "Echoes")

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