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"Cor-ai" is the sixteenth episode of the first season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 is captured by the inhabitants of Cartago. They particularly want Teal'c; while he was still First Prime of Apophis, he was responsible for the death of the father of one of the men, Hanno. The inhabitants prepare Teal'c for Cor-ai, their version of a trial. Despite being told by Teal'c not to interfere, Colonel Jack O'Neill does not want to go along with the process. Soon, Jaffa loyal to Apophis arrive to take some of the inhabitants as hosts.



SG-1 arrives on a grassy, mountainous planet and ventures forth into what looks like the central building to a village. Shortly after entering, they are surrounded by villagers with crossbows. After Colonel Jack O'Neill attempts to communicate with them, one of them notices Teal'c and screams "Jaffa!" O'Neill tries to explain that Teal'c is a good guy, but the enraged villager claims Teal'c killed his father. Teal'c is willingly taken prisoner, but the rest of SG-1 are allowed to roam free.

While sitting outside Teal'c's cell, O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter, and Dr. Daniel Jackson question Teal'c about the incident. Teal'c does not remember the man, but admits he killed many people under the service of Apophis. The villagers have a custom called Cor-ai, which is a kind of court trial where the accuser acts as prosecutor, judge and jury. This comes from the belief that only the victim can deal an appropriate punishment, as only they know their own feelings. It is also apparent that dishonesty does not exist in their culture. During the Cor-ai, the villager who accused Teal'c explains that when he was a boy, the Goa'uld came and Teal'c killed his father. Teal'c remembers and admits his guilt.

Each member of SG-1 makes a plea for Teal'c, explaining that he is not the Jaffa he once was. O'Neill tells how Teal'c saved him and his team and the people of Abydos for the cause of freedom. Jackson explains that despite Teal'c being the one that took his wife, Sha're, to become host to a Goa'uld, he is a good friend of Teal'c because he knows that people can change. Hanno is not satisfied, saying that this Jaffa's good acts cannot bring his father back. Teal'c is sentenced to die the next day.

Cor-ai 1

A flashback of when Teal'c was in the service to Apophis

While talking with the rest of SG-1, Teal'c reveals the reason for killing Himilco. The villagers on the planet had no defenses from the Goa'uld, so they always ran to nearby caves to hide from them. No one was left behind, so the whole could only move as fast as the slowest member. Apophis ordered Teal'c to kill one of the villagers, and Teal'c, being as compassionate as possible, chose Himilco, who was crippled, because it would allow the group to escape more quickly next time.

Despite this strong testimony, Teal'c's prosecutor is unmoved and sentences him to death. Meanwhile, O'Neill's return to base for a combat unit to forcibly intervene is flatly rejected first by Major General George S. Hammond and then by the President of the United States as an uncalled for interference in that culture's due process for a man for who is not an American citizen, or even a citizen of Earth for that matter, especially considering he has committed several war crimes under the service of Apophis

The next day, before the execution, the planet is again attacked by Apophis. Teal'c is recognized by Shak'l, a Jaffa he once trained, but kills him and saves several people from the Jaffa, including Hanno. Hanno finally looks at Teal'c and says that he was mistaken: Teal'c is not the Jaffa who killed his father. Teal'c, wanting to give restitution for his crimes, insists that he is the one. "No," Hanno says, "That Jaffa is dead. You have killed him." SG-1 offers the villagers defenses to protect them from the Goa'uld and returns home safely.


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Notable quotes[]

Jackson: That's interesting. I wonder if everyone's coming from some religious event.
O'Neill: Why does it always have to be a religious thing with you? Maybe they're coming from a swap meet.

Jackson: You know, I wish you wouldn't say "harvest." We're talking about human beings, not Brussel sprouts.

Hanno: He is the one! He killed my father!
Militia Man: If you are right, he will be put through the Cor-ai. We do not take revenge like this, or we are no better than the Jaffa.

O'Neill: I don't suppose we could get him out on bail?
Hanno: He is guilty. He must pay for what he has done.
O'Neill: And you've already decided this?
Hanno: Yes.

O'Neill: Did anyone hear that kid say that Teal'c was guilty already? For all we know they want to kill him.
Jackson: Wait wait wait, who said anything about killing? I mean all they said was they want to put him through Cor-ai. Now near as I can figure, that is like a simple trial.
O'Neill: Now see, it's that "near as I can figure" part that's got me a little worried. What if their idea of a simple trial is a simple beheading?

Byrsa Woman: I must hear the Jaffa's peccavei.
O'Neill: Well, you're outta luck cuz you're not gonna get him to pecca anything.

Jackson: You sure you're up to this?
O'Neill: Why? You don't think I am?
Jackson: Well, it's... it's just that I've never actually heard you referred to as a diplomat. I think, um, "antagonist" was the word used.

Maslih: Only the person who has suffered understands the pain which has been inflicted. Who else can fairly say what the punishment must be?
O'Neill: Well, you could for one.
Maslih: Hanno will continue.
O'Neill: Unbelievable.
Jackson: It's actually rather Talmudic... only he who is wronged can forgive.
O'Neill: Will you can it?

Hammond: Colonel, the United States is not in the business of interfering in other people's affairs.
O'Neill: Since when?
Hammond: Since this administration was elected.
O'Neill: Well, I don't think the president would have a problem with us going in and trying to rescue one of our own.
Hammond: Teal'c is not one of our own.
Carter: He's not?
Hammond: I mean in the eyes of the government. He's not an American citizen. Hell, he's not even an Earth citizen.
O'Neill: I don't believe I'm hearing this from you, sir.
Carter: General Hammond, sir, if I may. Even setting aside that Teal'c is our friend, how can you let such a valuable information resource be taken away?
Hammond: These people's laws in this regard are no different from our own. We don't stop pursuing war criminals because they have a change of heart.
O'Neill: War criminals.
Hammond: Yes, Colonel, he is. Like it or not, what the Jaffa have done to these people and thousands of other people is a crime. Now Teal'c spent many years serving the Goa'uld doing some damned distasteful things. Surely both of you must realize that this was bound to happen sooner or later.
O'Neill: General Hammond, I have spent a lot of years in the service of my country, and I have been ordered to do some damned distasteful things. I will not allow them to execute my friend.
Carter: Sir, Teal'c has proven his loyalty to us countless times. Don't you think we should do the same?
Hammond: My own personal opinion says yes. But the government policies under which I must weigh my decisions, say no.
O'Neill: Well fine, let's call the president!
Hammond: That's enough, Colonel!
Carter: General, sir, we don't have a lot of time here.
Hammond: Right.

Teal'c: No.
O'Neill: Excuse me?
Teal'c: Do not attempt your plan. I will not go.
O'Neill: You know that's a really odd sound. I thought you just said you wouldn't go?
Teal'c: That is correct.

Hanno: You would save those who wish to kill you?
Teal'c: I would save those who deserve to live.
Hanno: I have made a mistake. My memory was faulty. You are not the same man as he who murdered my father.
Teal'c: I am the one.
Hanno: No. That Jaffa is dead. You have killed him.


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  • The local word for Stargate is Circ Kakona and has both Latin and Greek origins meaning "Circle of Woes."


  • At the end of this episode, when Hanno forgives Teal'c and leaves with his entourage, the Jaffa whom Colonel Jack O'Neill shoots with the staff weapon and kills upon entering the room is visible in the left hand corner of the screen. The Jaffa is clearly a stunt man and is visibly breathing and not dead.

Other languages[]

  • French: Le Procès (The Trial)
  • German: Vergeltung (Retaliation)
  • Italian: Condanna a Morte (Death Sentence)
  • Spanish: Cor-ai (Cor-ai) (dubbed in English)
  • Czech: Cor-Ai (Cor-Ai) (dubbed in English)
  • Hungarian: Cor-ai (Cor-ai) (dubbed in English)
  • Russian: Кор-ай (Cor-ai) or Трибунал (Trial)
  • Polish: Kor Ai (Cor-ai)

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