The control interface room is a key facility located near the gate room on Destiny. It is used by the crew in lieu of an actual bridge as the primary command center for the ship.


The control interface room previously served as the de facto bridge for the Destiny expedition, as they did not know where the actual bridge was located or how to access it. The control interface room is an open, circular room dominated by the control interface hub, or "APLCR" (Apple Core), which is linked to the ship's primary systems. Several corridors open into the control interface room. Three consoles are available for use by its occupants. Two are located against the walls, placed so the user has their back to the wall when operating them. The third is built directly onto the Apple Core itself, and serves as the central console.

Access to the primary systems is limited to this room and the bridge unless deliberately transferred to another location. Without the master code, the control interface room appears only capable of making limited alterations to the ships systems; basic power management, life support, sensors, shields, and weapons can be controlled without the use of the master code. The various consoles can provide readouts on the ship's systems, and a holographic display can be used for a more detailed analysis of whatever data is being accessed. With the master code, this room is able to control full ship function as shown when Eli Wallace and Nicholas Rush were able to pilot the ship through a star from here after the bridge was locked down. (SGU: "Air, Part 2", "Air, Part 3", "Darkness", "Light", "Earth", "Blockade")


Before the discovery of the bridge, Dr. Nicholas Rush could usually be found in this room, monitoring systems, accessing the Destiny database, or solving one problem or another. At least one scientist was manning the room at all times. Virtually any activity of note was monitored or performed from the control interface room, aside from control of the Stargate, which has its own dedicated pair of consoles in the gate room. After the discovery of the bridge, the room was rarely used, but was used to pilot the ship during the Drone Blockade of Destiny (presumably unlocking the master code allowed this to happen) as the bridge was locked down due to lack of power.


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