This article is about the title. For the short story, see Consort (short story).

Consort was a Wraith title given to the Wraith queen's acknowledged partner, who was also usually the leader of her hive's blades.

Guide was the consort of his Queen for several centuries, using this position to retain command of his Hive even after the death of his true Queen. As far as the general Wraith populace is concerned, he became the consort to Queen Steelflower after she emerged.

From the Wraith's perspective, John Sheppard is the consort to Elizabeth Weir and Samantha Carter in his role as the leaders of the Atlantis expedition, although they consider General Jack O'Neill to be Carter's primary consort while Sheppard just manages her responsibilities in Atlantis; Richard P. Woolsey is just considered one of Carter's Blades rather than her consort.

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