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"Coming Home" is the fourth episode of Stargate Infinity.

Publishers Summary[]

As Gus sets out to return Ec'co to his home world, an electrical storm shorts out the Stargate and Gus and Ec'co are captured by the Hrathi. Meanwhile, the rest of the team cope with data crystals that turn out to be fake.


When the younger team members reminisce about birthdays, Ec'co thinks back to his own torn life. The team convinces Gus to take Ec'co to his homeworld. An electrical storm shorts out their Stargate while Gus and Ec'co get taken into custody by the hostile Hrathi, who know of Gus' alleged betrayal. The rest of the team rig a way to recharge the Stargate using lightning while the Tlak'kahn launch an attack on the Hrathi. Gus helps to drive them off and then are taken to a cache of data crystals. It turns out the crystals are a fake, but one of the Hrathi reveals he is a shapeshifter. Gus and Ec'co pass the test and receive the real Tlak'khan data crystal they need.

Notable Quotes[]

Gus: I'd just like to know if I'm being taken to a burger joint or a dungeon.

Ec'co: Thank you, Gus, for getting soft in the head.



Gus Bonner; Ec'co; Ec'co's father; Ec'co's mother; Hrath; Hrathi; Loto; Madek; Sheftu; Tlak'kahn; Tlak'kahn Cruiser; Tlak'kahn Data Crystal

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