Colorado Springs is a city in Colorado, USA, on Earth. Due to its close proximity to Cheyenne Mountain, many members of Stargate Command live here.

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  • Though a majority of the on-Earth locations in the show are set in and around Cheyenne Mountain where the SGC is located, and most SGC personnel live in Colorado Springs, the city and surrounding area have only twice had any footage shot for usage on the TV series.
    • The first time was just ten days prior to the premiere of the pilot episode when Martin Wood shot a handful of stock footage shots of Cheyenne Mountain.
    • After eight full seasons of using the same stock footage shots of the mountain, prior to production of the ninth season, new shots were made, this time with the new HD cameras that had been put into use at the beginning of the eighth season.
  • The shows producers say the reason they kept re-using these same stock shots for so long was a belief at the beginning of each season that the show would be cancelled and it would be their last.
  • Oddly enough, by the time the second set of stock shots of Cheyenne Mountain were filmed, the show had grown so popular that visitors at the real Cheyenne Mountain complex often questioned and theorized to tour guides about the existence of the 'SGC' that the military personnel who worked there blacked out the windows and carefully stensiled the words 'STARGATE COMMAND' on a heavy security door and then replaced a regular door that was along the normal tour route. The room behind the door is a broom closet.

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