Doctor Coleman is an American scientist and part of the Atlantis expedition as of 2006.



When Dr. Rodney McKay, using advanced intelligence he had acquired thanks to an Ancient device, sought to modify Atlantis' power system, she was part of a science team that monitored his efforts — though she confessed to having no idea just what he was doing. She did raise the alarm after McKay interrupted his work, causing a massive disruption to build up in the city's power grid. (SGA: "Tao of Rodney")


She later accompanied a science team to explore the Ancient Mobile drilling platform located at the bottom of Lantea's ocean. After a Wraith Queen was revealed to be there as well, she used the platform's sensors to search for, and locate, a crashed Wraith cruiser nearby. (SGA: "Submersion")

Following this, Coleman took charge of the team bringing the platform back online. When contacted by McKay to ask if she could provide the needed power for Atlantis' Stardrive, Coleman tells him that they have only just started drilling into the planet's crust and can only get them 9% of the way there. After a plan is devised to use the platform along with the city's ZPM to power the Stardrive, the Apollo beams Coleman and her team aboard as the platform will be destroyed in the effort. (SGA: "First Strike")

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