Coldamber was a female Hive Queen and the original Queen Death.


Background Information

10,000 years ago, Coldamber was a powerful Wraith Queen who was also known as Queen Death. According to Guide, there are a hundred stories about Queen Death that all begin with "once before we slept, there was a queen called Death and she was glorious in her name." Coldamber wreaked havoc upon the Pegasus Galaxy, destroying many human worlds in the Lantean-Wraith war. Coldamber eventually led an attack on Emege on Athos. After the city's shield failed, Coldamber as Queen Death stalked the streets and slew for the love of it, men, women and children alike. Coldamber and her forces destroyed Emege, leaving the Athosian survivors weak and with their home and much of their culture destroyed. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming", "Death Game")

Coldamber watching the invasion forces as they move towards Lantea.

During the First siege of Atlantis, Coldamber led the first wave of Wraith ships from a Wraith cruiser. However, Coldamber's ship was shot down and crashed into Lantea's ocean, a crash that was believed to have killed her. However, Coldamber survived, trapped on the bottom of the ocean, hibernating between the centuries, feeding on her crew and waiting for a rescue that would never come. (SGA: "Death Game", "The Lost", "Submersion")


While lost on M32-3R1, Athosian and Wraithkin Teyla Emmagan informed Lt. Colonel John Sheppard of the story of the destruction of Emege and Coldamber's role in it as the legendary Queen Death. (SGA: "Death Game")


After 10,000 years, she awoke when she felt the presence of Teyla Emmagan within a nearby Lantean mobile drilling platform due to Teyla's Wraithkin status. After Teyla sensed Coldamber's presence, she tried to mentally link with Coldamber who used the opportunity to possess Teyla and pose as her. Through Teyla, Coldamber sabotaged many of the platform's systems before letting go of her control. Setting the self-destruct on her cruiser, she then swam between the nearby vessel to the platform. Once inside, she killed Dr. Dickenson and Dr. Graydon from the Atlantis expedition by feeding on them. She was then confronted by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard but used her mental powers to take him over and attempted to use him to pilot the Puddle Jumper away from the world so she could rejoin the Wraith. However, before she could accomplish this, Ronon Dex came and shot out a window. The sudden rush of water incapacitated the Queen.

Coldamber under the sea on Lantea.

When she awoke again, she was interrogated by the Atlantis expedition, however she spoke in a position of power and demanded to be freed. It was then learned that if she was not let loose then she would not show them how to deactivate the nearby Wraith cruiser's self-destruct, which would have devastated the planet as it was near a geothermal fault line. After Dr. Rodney McKay determined the cruiser to potentially be repairable, Teyla linked with Coldamber's mind in the guise of looking for the deactivation code and allowed herself to be overpowered by Coldamber who witnessed Sheppard and Dr. Elizabeth Weir discussing Sheppard's plan to fly the cruiser to Lantea's mainland where the explosion would be less devastating. Unknown to Coldamber, Teyla purposefully planted this memory for her to find as part of their plan to stop the cruiser's self-destruct.

Convinced that her cruiser was repaired, Coldamber returned to her ship where she found Sheppard at the control panels. After Sheppard confirms that the ship can fly, Coldamber disarms the self-destruct and tells Sheppard she'll reward him with a quick death. As Coldamber lunges at Sheppard, McKay unloads an FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon into her back. While wounded, Coldamber doesn't fall and as she stalks towards McKay, Sheppard unloads several shots from a Colt M1911A1 pistol into her back. The combined rounds from the P90 and the pistol prove to be too much for Coldamber and she falls to the floor, dead. (SGA: "Submersion")


After Atlantis returns to the Pegasus Galaxy after six months on Earth, they discover the rise of a new Queen Death, one that has taken up Coldamber's old mantle. Upon learning of Queen Death, Guide tells Sheppard that she must be a remarkable woman to have taken up that name and is visibly shaken by the implications of someone taking up Coldamber's old mantle. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

Shortly after the capture of Dr. Rodney McKay by the forces of Queen Death, Teyla Emmagan recalls that while training her abilities with Guide, he was stunned to discover that she had faced off with Coldamber and won. Teyla remembers seeing one of Guide's memories featuring him meeting Coldamber and being as powerless before her as Sheppard was. At the same time, Queen Death tells Quicksilver, in reality Doctor Rodney McKay turned into a Wraith, that Coldamber, her far-mother, had tried to take Atlantis but died when her ship crashed into the sea. Queen Death proclaims herself Coldamber's true heir who will not fail as Coldamber did. (SGA: "The Lost")

Guide eventually reveals to Teyla that Coldamber is the original Queen Death, the most feared Queen in all of Wraith history. (SGA: "The Furies")


Coldamber was an exceptionally powerful Wraith Queen whose mere presence was once enough to bring Guide to his knees.

  • Telepathy - As a Wraith Queen, Coldamber was powerfully telepathic, having a mind presence easily capable of driving lesser Wraith to their knees. She was also capable of forcing humans to do her bidding with very little resistance.
    • Wraithkin mind linking - Once linked to a Wraithkin, Coldamber showed the ability to take instant control of them and force them to do her bidding. In this state, Coldamber was able to impersonate the Wraithkin so perfectly none of her friends could see that she was possessed. A second time, when Coldamber was weaker due to an IV drip of drugs, Teyla was able to access her mind and memories with great effort. However, even after having been weakened by an IV drip for hours, Coldamber was quickly able to overpower Teyla and see into her mind when she tried a third time. Some of this may have been because Teyla was purposefully setting Coldamber up with a false memory and thus did not fight back however. Coldamber was also unable to see that the memory she had witnessed in Teyla's mind was false.
  • Superhuman endurance and durability - Coldamber was noted to have an incredible amount of endurance and durability, swimming across the ocean floor despite the crushing pressure at that depth and the pain it caused her. Coldamber was able to do this twice, the first time while telepathically controlling Teyla at the same time. Coldamber was also able to take a full FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon magazine in the back and show no signs of pain and turn around to go after her attacker. It took a full P90 magazine and several more rounds from a Colt M1911A1 pistol to kill her.


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