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"Cloverdale" is the fifth episode of second season of Stargate Universe.


Lt. Matthew Scott is infected by an alien organism and starts hallucinating. The off-world team must find a way to cure him or they will have to leave him behind fearing spreading the infection.


A group of people are forced to evacuate to Destiny after an attack on Icarus Base by the Lucian Alliance, and are now trapped there. During the time on Destiny, tensions rise between Dr. Nicholas Rush and Colonel Everett Young, eventually causing a mutiny between the civilians and military. After a Nakai attack, the two groups must work together to prepare themselves for the next attack, for the crew's sake. After Colonel David Telford's brainwashing is broken, he reveals that the Lucian Alliance are coming to take Destiny. After a group of Alliance soldiers led by Commander Kiva and Telford gate to Destiny, they take several sections of the ship. After Kiva is killed and Ginn returns control to Rush the surviving Alliance members are locked up. After being shot during the Alliance invasion, Chloe Armstrong has completely healed. A short time later, she begins to have blackouts during which she wanders the ship. Rush believes that a Nakai pathogen is changing her and the Destiny interface chair may be able to purge it.


Lt. Matthew Scott wakes up on a bus, sitting next to MSgt. Ronald Greer, having just arrived in the town of Cloverdale after a tour of duty in Kandahar, Afghanistan. They retrieve their things and leave the bus. Looking back and forth through the windows, he laments the absence of his father. As the bus departs, he sees Colonel Everett Young and Eli Wallace across the street. He runs across the road to meet him, ignoring the oncoming car. It hits him, sending him sprawling.

What Scott was experiencing was a dream, and he wakes up in the real world, failing about in pain from a large, bluish organism that has grown over most of his forearm. He asks Lt. Tamara Johansen to cut it off, but she ignores the request. Chloe Armstrong tells her to try something else, but TJ has exhausted all her immediate options. Dr. Nicholas Rush recommends that Scott keep moving, while Eli tries to hold his attention.

Scott returns to his dream world, where he is scolded by Young, his father in the dream, for not paying attention. Dr. Adam Brody, the driver of the car, quickly comes out to check on Scott. Young insists he's fine and sends Brody on his way. Brody checks if they're still on for some unspecified event, which Young says they are. Eli, Chloe's brother, offers his camera film as evidence for any insurance issues, though Scott would rather he hadn't recorded it. Scott introduces Greer to Young and Eli. Greer is to be Scott's best man at his upcoming wedding to Chloe. Eli notes that he took himself out of the running for best man, as he plans to film the wedding as a present for the couple. Scott asks where Chloe is, and Eli explains that she's busy getting her wedding dress and will meet him at the house. After joking about Scott nearly getting himself killed the day before his wedding, Young embraces his son, welcoming him home.

On the alien planet, Scott is unconscious, so TJ declares that they can move him safely. Chloe wants to know if they can help him once they get back to Destiny but Rush immediately turns down taking him back as too dangerous. TJ agrees; given the rapid growth of the organism, it would spread throughout the entire ship at the first opportunity. Chloe declares that staying on the planet isn't an option, either. Greer passes his gun to Chloe so he can help carry Scott. Greer and Dr. Dale Volker support Scott under either arm, while Eli carries his feet. Greer urges Eli to move quickly. Rush decides to run back to the Stargate to get supplies sent to them from Destiny, hoping to return before they make it to the gate. He takes the dialing remote from Eli. As he runs, a strange noise can be heard all around him.

The group goes back to Young's house. Scott is amazed that nothing has changed, while Eli, filming him, narrates in an odd voice. He explains to Greer that he's doing a temporary track for the voice over, which all good documentaries have. He jokes that he's thinking of hiring Kiefer Sutherland for the final version, but will do it himself otherwise. Young comes in and takes Greer's bags, telling him to make himself at home. Greer will be staying in Scott's room, while Scott and Chloe will be staying in Young's room. Young intends to sleep on the couch. Scott remarks that the arrangement will be weird, but Eli jokes that it won't dissuade him. Scott asks them what the plan is. Young generalizes to a basic outline of Scott's married life, from having kids to dying happy. Scott clarifies that he meant a bachelor party, but Young informs Scott that Chloe wants to take him to a movie. Scott is somewhat disappointed, as it's not what he expected. Young wonders if he doesn't want to see a movie with his fiancee, which Chloe, having just arrived, responds to with "he better." Scott and Chloe happily embrace each other. Greer gets Eli to record it. Chloe apologizes for not having met Scott when he arrived. She then notices a bruise on Scott's arm, which he attributes to the car accident. She asks if he's OK, but Scott faints before he can respond.

On Destiny, Young is talking to Rush over the radio. Already aware that time is short, he asks what Rush needs. Rush has every possible medical aid sent from Destiny, particularly the Squiggler venom. He also asks for hydrochloric acid, and the supplies necessary to amputate Scott's arm if it comes to that. He tells Young to have everything loaded onto Eli's Kino sled and sent through as fast as possible.

In his dream, Scott is awoken. He asks what happened, and Greer explains that he fainted. Eli got it on video. Scott is confused as to why he would faint, and Eli points out that he was hit by a car. Chloe comes in, having made a sandwich for Scott after hearing from Greer that he hasn't eaten all day. Young assures Scott that he's fine, and tells him to go to the movie with Chloe.

Chloe takes him to the theater, where the movie Far Afield is playing. The MGM lion logo plays on the screen. Scott reminds Chloe of the first time they came to the theater, and they kiss. The movie starts. The two actors, dressed like Scott and Chloe in the real world, admire a field of strange flowers. The scene is familiar to Scott and he asks Chloe if she recognizes it. Others in the theater quiet him. The actor Chloe passes her hand over the flowers, which change color in a vibrant wave. The actor Scott follows suit. Scott quietly tells the actors to run. The actor Chloe suggests running through the field barefoot and moves to kiss the actor Scott, when suddenly a tendril bursts from the field. Scott is frightened by it, so Chloe tells him to relax. More tendrils appear from the field, getting closer, convincing the actors to run. Their escape is blocked by additional tendrils which spring forth from the dirt. The actor Scott grabs the nearest one, trying to restrain it, but it is too flexible and stings his forearm. He cuts it using his knife, causing a small amount of its blood to splash on the actor Chloe's uniform. The organism begins to rapidly grow from the wound on the actor Scott's forearm. Scott, freaked out by the familiarity of the scene, leaves the room. Chloe follows him out to check on him, with screams from the actors being heard in the background. Scott remembers the scene actually happening to him, but dismisses the feeling when Chloe points out that it's just a movie. He asks to leave. Chloe agrees, going back in to retrieve her purse. The usher, Pvt. Darren Becker, asks about Scott's sudden panic attack. Chloe can't explain, but says she can stall him for a little longer, asking him to inform the others that they'll be early. Scott watches from the door while the actor Chloe pleads for the actor Scott to wake up.

Rush meets with the team en route to the gate, having brought the supplies from Destiny. TJ orders them to unpack everything. The strange noises can still be heard around them. Rush asks if the organism has spread beyond Scott's arm, which it hasn't. Rush is pleased, since that means amputation is still an option.

In the dream, Chloe asks about Scott's panic attack, but he insists that it was just déjà vu and he's over it. Scott suggests heading over to Brody's for something to eat. From across the street, Volker, a pharmacist, runs up to meet them. He starts awkwardly making conversation, congratulating Chloe and Scott on the upcoming wedding. He asks what they're up to. Chloe says they're headed to Brody's, but isn't sure if it's open yet. He calls up Brody on their behalf, and confirms that his place is open, telling Brody that Scott and Chloe will be there in a few minutes. Volker says that everyone is there, quickly adding that he's referring to the staff. He then leaves in a hurry. Brushing off his behavior, Scott and Chloe go to the bar.

At the bar, which is dark, Scott asks Brody if it's a slow night. Brody says that the place is packed, but everyone is hiding. Scott is confused, then jumps when everyone stands up and shouts "Surprise!" He is greeted by Young, Eli, and Greer, the latter pointing out that Scott couldn't sit through one movie before coming. Scott chastises himself for not seeing the obvious signs. Chloe leaves him to the party, and tells Young that she'll be mad if Scott is hung-over in the morning. Young tells her that there's nothing to worry about. He adds that he'll be very disappointed if Scott is not hung-over by the end of the party. He proposes a toast to Scott, and they all take a drink.

On the planet, Scott coughs as he is forced to drink some of Brody's liquor to dull his pain. The strange noises in the background have grown louder, and Rush notes that the plant is still spreading toward them, probably tracking them by vibrations in the ground. TJ has gone through all the supplies sent through Destiny to no affect, amazed by the resiliency of the organism. Rush points out that there's only one option now, and picks up the bone saw. Chloe argues against it, but Rush points out that any rational person would give up a limb to save their life. Eli adds that if they wait too long, it could spread to his bloodstream. Greer and Volker emerge from the trees, explaining that the plant is at the leading edge. Rush estimates that they have fifteen minutes before it reaches them, but Eli is quick to revise the estimate to ten. That won't be enough time to amputate, so TJ decides to wait until they reach the gate.

In his dream, Scott's bachelor party is in full swing. Lt. Vanessa James, a waitress, is serving drinks. Young asks Brody about the music being played in the background, which he finds unpleasant. Brody informs him that Greer, as the best man, gets to choose the music. Greer relates on how he's been called different kinds of "man", but never a "best man". James says it's last call, which Young tries to dispute. Scott, at this point quite drunk, begins flirting with James. He starts pulling at her shirt, but she removes his hand, reminding him of their breakup. Eli provides a voice over as he records the scene. Scott calls this his last night of freedom, so she plays along to discourage him. Scott, noticing Eli, tells him to erase that part. Greer and Young help Scott, who can barely stand, exit the bar. David Telford, the sheriff, stops them from getting into their car drunk. He gives them a ride home, which he calls a wedding gift when Scott inquires as to whether or not they're being arrested.

During the ride, Telford asks Scott and Greer about their time in Afghanistan. They didn't see any action, which Greer finds disappointing, considering it a waste of ability. Telford remarks that people like Greer usually get themselves killed, which Greer doesn't take well. Young tries to discourage Telford from starting a fight, but Telford merely claims they're having a conversation. Scott suddenly leans forward, asking them if they ever wonder what's real. Ever since he's come home, Scott has had a feeling that he's not who he thinks he is. Telford dismisses it as an effect of the liquor. Scott moans that Chloe will kill him for being hung-over. Young just tells him to go to sleep and that Chloe will get over it. Telford agrees. As Scott drifts off into sleep, Telford tells Scott that he will feel guilty for things he's done and said, some of which he won't remember, and everything will feel like a blur. Then he'll wonder if he'll ever feel like the person he used to be. Scott is now unconscious, unable to hear Telford's voice as Telford tries to get his attention.

At the gate, Greer checks to make sure Scott is out, since they don't want him awake when TJ amputates. Chloe leaves, unable to watch. TJ orders everyone to restrain Scott. Rush is asked to hold Scott's infected arm. Rush ties a cloth around it to keep from infecting himself. With everyone in place, TJ makes the first incision with a scalpel. Volker stops her, pointing out that Scott's blood has turned blue: the organism has moved to his bloodstream. Everyone quickly backs off, as there's no point in holding him down. Chloe wants to know what's next. Greer advocates staying, since they have three hours until the ship jumps to FTL. Rush argues against it, as the plant is not something they can fight. Greer is not so easily dissuaded, but Volker points out that the plant will overrun their position in less than one hour. There is only one other planet in range of the gate, and it is locked out, presumably being even more dangerous than this planet. Greer tells Eli to dial the ship. Rush reminds Greer that they can't take Scott back, but Greer says he has no intention of doing so. He needs some supplies.

Scott wakes up in bed, where Chloe is waiting for him, disappointed at how drunk he got. Scott asserts that it was expected of him, to which she asks if he's marrying her for the same reason. He denies this, but she continues on the same line of questioning. Still hungover, he cannot think up a decent response, which disappoints Chloe since she thinks he should have thought up an answer much faster. Scott tries to protest, citing his hangover, but she tells him to pull himself together since it's their wedding day. He needs to see the Justice of the Peace, then get fitted for his tuxedo. They both have a laugh when Scott interrupts so he can use the bathroom. Chloe leaves the room.

On Destiny, Young is speaking with Dr. Lisa Park about their options. She insists that although it's not up to her, quarantine isn't an option because the plant likely reproduces through the organism Scott is infected with. Young assumes there must be precautions, but Park notes that without knowing how the infection will develop, there's no way to prepare for it. Even if they did get him on the ship safely, the infected area could eventually burst open, releasing spores into the ventilation system that would rapidly infect everyone on the ship. Young realizes this is just a theory, but Park asserts that they cannot take any chances. Park asks Young not to put the burden on her, as Scott is a nice person and she doesn't want to be responsible for leaving him behind. Young assures her that it's his decision.

On the planet, Greer has a team dig a ditch as deep and as fast as possible. Behind that, he has a quick barricade set up. Everything beyond the barricade is the kill-zone. He reiterates that they have to hold the gate for three hours. From Destiny, Young radios Greer to inform him that a Kino is being sent through to gather information on the plant.

Scott reaches the office of Rush, the Justice of the Peace, and calls him on the intercom. Rush invites him in. Scott has decided to go with the standard vows, which he has some trouble expressing coherently. He apologizes to Rush, explaining that he's not all here. Rush asks if Scott is having doubts about the marriage, but Scott clarifies that it's just a hangover. Rush quips "like father, like son." Scott, upset by the comparison, calls his father a great man, then changes the subject back to the vows. Rush confirms that he'll use the traditional vows. Scott prepares to leave, but turns back, thinking that there might be something else they need to talk about. Scott admits that he's been feeling strange, but Young has just told him that everything will be fine. Scott says he's scared. Rush believes that fear is proof that a person is truly alive, then tells him in the absence of fear is death. He tells Scott that he will die; everyone will, sooner or later. Scott is caught up in his own thoughts on the matter, so Rush lightens the mood by confirming the time for the wedding. Scott says that he'll be there.

Through the Kino, Young, Park, and Brody observe the plant. It has grown over a massive area near the gate, and several tendrils are visible above the ground. Park believes that plants visible on the surface are only part of a much larger root system beneath the ground. It likely waits beneath the ground until its prey gets close enough to get stung, surviving long enough to spread its spores. She fears what it could do aboard Destiny. Young wonders what it is. Park believes that it may contain properties of both plants and animals, similar to coral, but with a much larger growth rate. She notes that it's resisted everything TJ has exposed it to. Young just hopes it burns.

Greer's team is using flamethrowers to hold back the tendrils, which are assaulting the barricade. He reminds his team to use short bursts to conserve fuel. Over the radio, Young orders TJ to switch to channel 2. He asks for confirmation that Scott is the only one infected. TJ is fairly sure he is. Young tells her to make sure, then send all non-combatants back through the gate, so everyone isn't trying to run back through the gate at once when time runs out. He wants her to come back, too, as he's not willing to lose any more people than he has to. Chloe asks TJ if Scott is dying, and at her silence asks how long it will take. TJ figures that it will take him longer than the three-hour limit to die, so Chloe asserts that she won't leave him. TJ insists that Chloe needs to go back and they begin to argue, but TJ stops when she notices that the organism has begun spreading on Chloe's shirt. TJ quickly cuts the infects portion off, and checks to make sure it didn't transfer to Chloe's skin. TJ has Greer burn the sample, which takes an extended burst to kill. She orders everyone to head back through the gate after confirming that they aren't infected. Chloe leaves the group, moving to the edge of the barricade where one of the tendrils is waiting. She raises her hand to let it sting her. Eli decides to say some final words to Scott, getting TJ to give him some time.

In the dream, Scott, Greer, and Eli are getting fitted for their tuxedos. Eli claims that they look good. Scott seems less than enthusiastic, which Greer points out, but Scott just tells him to go change. Once Greer is gone, Eli notes that something seems to be bothering Scott, asking if he's still drunk. Scott assures Eli that he's fine. Eli can tell something is wrong, though, having known Scott long enough to see it. He points out that Scott isn't the type to stick to one girl, which he says isn't an insult but merely a character observation. Eli wonders if Scott's having cold feet, but Scott interrupts, assuring Eli that he plans to marry Chloe. Eli, however, doesn't believe him, and doesn't think Scott believes himself, either. Scott ends the conversation, but collapses as he tries to walk off.

On the planet, Eli tells Scott that no one is giving up on him, and urges him to keep fighting, since Greer is fighting to hold the line. TJ calls for Eli, having lost track of Chloe. As they call from her, Chloe emerges from behind the Stargate, putting pressure on her palm. TJ asks what happened, so she shows them the sting wound, which has already grown into a small blue patch. Chloe asserts that she has to stay. She explains to Eli that they wouldn't let her stay, so she had to get herself infected. Eli quietly walks off, and TJ moves back to check on Scott, shining a light in his eyes to check the reaction.

In the dream, TJ, a paramedic, is doing the same. Scott wakes up, confused. Eli offers Scott's car accident the previous day as an explanation, but Scott dismisses it as nothing, explaining that he just had too much to drink last night. She chalks his collapse up to a lack of electrolytes, but to be safe wants to take him to the hospital. Scott refuses, since he intends to go through with his wedding even if he can barely stand. TJ recommends he have some chicken soup, at the very least.

On the planet, the gate activates. The tendrils react negatively to it, which Greer notes. Greer goes back to burning the tendrils with the rest of the team. Everyone begins leaving through the gate. Eli is among the last, curtly saying "Bye" to Chloe before stepping through. Rush then comes up to Chloe, wondering if her purpose truly was just to keep Scott company. Chloe explains that her true intent was to test if she was immune to the organism, as it should have transferred to her skin once it got on her clothes. As she's not in any pain, while Scott was by this stage of the infection, Rush brings it to TJ's attention.

At the wedding, Young greets Telford at the door. Telford asks how Scott's doing. Young says Scott is pale, but passes it off as nervousness. Eli is recording the event. Brody tells Volker about how he ran Scott over, looking nervously into the camera when he notices it. Eli moves to the kitchen to record Scott and Greer. Greer tells Eli not to record him. Scott is having some chicken soup as TJ recommended, clearly not feeling well. Eli narrates the scene. Scott asks if Young has arrived yet. Eli confirms that Young is talking to the guests. Scott asks Eli to get a shot of Chloe, so Eli leaves. Greer suggests that the wedding could be postponed given Scott's obvious fatigue. Young comes in, asking if Scott is ready. Scott says he's not, unsure if he's doing the right thing by marrying Chloe. Young assures Scott he would never do that, but Scott remains unsure. Young asks Greer to give them a moment alone. Young asks Scott what he wants from him. Scott asks for advice, but Young cryptically tells him to wake up.

TJ extracts a sample of Chloe's blood, which is red, evidence that the spores are being neutralized in her bloodstream. The growth on her palm has also grown smaller. Chloe says that her blood isn't normal thanks to the Nakai pathogen. TJ questions Rush, who said the chair cured Chloe. Rush just claims Chloe relapsed. Rush recommends a blood transfusion from Chloe to Scott, as whatever is in her could save him. TJ is reluctant to pass her affliction to him, but given the alternative agrees to try.

While being given the transfusion, Scott dreams of the wedding ceremony taking place. Rush reads the vows as Chloe is walked to the altar. Quickly running out of fuel for their flamethrowers, Greer orders his men back through the gate. TJ needs just a little more time, as Scott is responding to the transfusion. One of the tendrils bursts through the ground behind the barricade, and Greer wards it off with the flamethrower, expending the last of his fuel. Rush reminds Greer of their reaction to the gate being activated. He tells Rush and TJ to go through the gate, so the only people on the area of the ramp beneath the kawoosh are himself, Chloe, and Scott. He dials the Stargate repeatedly to keep the tendrils at bay, even taking one out by hitting it with the kawoosh when it attacked. In the dream, Rush has almost finished reading the vows. Scott turns to Chloe, only to find that the left side of her face looks alien. Scott wakes up in the real world, the organism flaking off his skin, and the three run through the gate.

On Destiny, Young welcomes Scott home. Scott isn't sure how they saved him, but Young knows. He orders the three of them to undergo decontamination, following which Scott and Chloe are to be quarantined until he can figure out what to do with them. Scott is confused as to why, so Young leaves it to Chloe to explain. Chloe just holds his hand, trying but failing to smile.


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Notable quotes

Telford: Go ahead, close your eyes. But, I'm sorry to tell you that when you wake up, you're going to feel guilty for things you've done or said. Some of it you won't even remember. It'll just be a blur. And you're going to wonder if you're ever going to feel like the person you used to be again…

Rush: Well, you know, I'm not a great man, Matthew, but I can tell you that fear, well, it's just one of those things in this world that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're truly alive. And I can tell you that you're alive…until you're dead. You are going to die, Matthew. We all will…eventually.

Park: What we can see above ground must only be a fraction of the whole organism. The bulk of it has to be like an enormous root system that extends outward from the flora, dormant until its prey gets close enough to get stung and survive just long enough to spread spores. I don't even want to think about what it could do aboard ship.
Young: What do you think it is: plant, animal?
Park: Maybe properties of both, like coral, except its growth rate smacks right up against the laws of thermodynamics. It spreads upon contact, and it resisted every chemical TJ's exposed to it.
Young: Well, let's hope it burns.

Chloe: Whoa! We're okay, we're okay.
Young: Welcome home, son.
Scott: Thank you, sir. I, uh, I don't know how they did it, but…
Young: Unfortunately, I do know. The three of you will undergo decontamination right away.
Greer: Yes, sir.
Young: (to Scott and Chloe) As for the two of you, you'll be placed in quarantine indefinitely, until I decide what to do with you.
Scott: Sir?
Young: I'll let Miss Armstrong explain.
(Chloe puts her hand in Scott's)


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  • The episode bears similarities with the Stargate SG-1 episode "The Changeling". Both feature one of the main characters falling ill and dreaming of another life.
  • On April 28, 2010, filming took place on location in Cloverdale, British Columbia.[1] The town's main street can be seen in many series filmed in BC, and serves as Smallville's main street in Smallville. The movie theater doubles for the exterior of the Talon in that show.
  • The venom that Lt. Tamara Johansen tries on Lt. Matthew Scott's infected arm was from the Squiggler that attacked and killed the crew in an alternate timeline in "Time". The venom was harvested from those creatures and used to heal the crew of an illness they picked up from their water supply. The venom has proved very useful since then, having also been used as an anesthetic for Dr. Nicholas Rush's surgery ("Divided") and to immobilize Alien ticks that had burrowed into the skin of some crew members ("Pain").
  • In the Scott's dream, he and Chloe Armstrong go to see a fictional movie titled Far Afield, a love story mixed with alien horror. The movie was produced by MGM, the same studio that produces Stargate Universe.

Other languages

  • Hungarian: Cloverdale (dubbed in English)
  • Russian: Кловердейл (Cloverdale)

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