Clava Thessara Infinitas (Ancient for Key to Infinite Treasure) was a rumor that developed several million years ago. According to legends, the Ancients stored away vast riches, including weapons, before their ascension and the Clava Thessara Infinitas would lead a person to this treasure, if they could decode the key. Stargate Command used the knowledge of this rumor to convince Adria of its existence in an attempt to capture her. False memories were implanted into Vala Mal Doran to further convince Adria. While doing research on Ancient Merlin's volumes from his library on Camelot, Dr. Daniel Jackson found some of the history of the Clava Thessara Infinitas, but this research also led him to the conclusion that it was nothing but an elaborate hoax.

Athena and Qetesh

In a search for the treasure the Goa'ulds Athena and Qetesh created a partnership; however, it was short-lived. Athena had come to believe Qetesh had deciphered the code which unlocked the map to the treasure, and thus used her vast resources from within Earth's The Trust to kidnap Vala Mal Doran, the former host to Qetesh. While the symbiote had been removed from Vala by the Tok'ra, Qetesh's memories may have been retained and buried in her subconscious. Athena, hosted by a corporate executive named Charlotte Mayfield, used a memory recall device on Vala to gain access to these lost memories. Before revealing that Qetesh had lied to Athena about having the code, Vala escaped from her captor. (SG1: "Memento Mori")

After their encounter with Athena, her research notes concerning her pursuit of the treasure were brought back to Stargate Command. Dr. Daniel Jackson reviewed these notes and eventually reconsidered his conclusion that it was a hoax. Using her research and the SGC's Stargate database, Daniel suggested the coordinates of a planet to visit where the cache of "Ancient wealth and weapons" could possibly be located, P4M-328. They sent a MALP, but the results of its reconnaissance confused Daniel, as the hieroglyphs on the walls near the Stargate were jumbled. Major General Henry Landry allowed SG-1 to travel to the planet, and the team ended up "gating into a museum on a planet with similar development to that of Earth, but they were not aware of the Stargate's function or of alien life". Their first contact with the officials of the planet ended badly, and once the team was permitted to return home, the people there buried their Stargate. When Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell asked one of the museum curators if a stash of weapons was found near the Stargate dig, the curator said that no such thing was uncovered. (SG1: "Bad Guys")

Vala's false memories

In Vala Mal Doran's false memories, the Clava Thessara Infinitas was seen as a circular tablet with a square hole in its center and two concentric circles of eight Stargate glyphs each on its face. These memories said that a vision in a dream told Vala how to solve the riddle, enlightenment caused by a buried memory of Qetesh. Due to this, Vala proposed that the infinity symbol (∞) could be overlaid on the tablet and reveal a Stargate address. As part of the false memories, the mission to the first planet Vala suggested resulted in an Ori ambush, and the team started to believe that Adria could be feeding Vala false information, in order to lead them into a trap. Further into these memories, Vala told the team about another dream she had, in which the infinity symbol was placed vertically over the tablet to yield yet another unique Stargate address, and Vala was relieved of her position, since the International Oversight Advisory believed her to be compromised. Vala was told she would be going to Area 51 as a prisoner, but chose to escape to another planet instead. However all of this was revealed to be false memories implanted with Galaran memory technology, and she was placed there by SG-1 as bait. On this planet she met up with Adria, who wanted to help her mother find the treasure. They went to this second planet together, and it was on this planet that the team had set their trap for Adria, however their plan failed when Ba'al captured Adria instead. He had discovered their intentions via The Trust. (SG1: "Dominion")

False memory gate addresses

First address: 014.svg021.svg016.svg011.svg030.svg007.svg
Second address: 026.svg020.svg035.svg032.svg023.svg004.svg