"Chunky Monkey" was a planet nicknamed by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. The planet was located in the Pegasus galaxy and held no Stargate. It was the homeworld for the Asuran-made creature, Hybrid and Angelus. It was one of several worlds determined to possibly be Angelus' homeworld and Sheppard and his team traveled here via hyperdrive-equipped Puddle Jumper. it was a world that had no vegetation and had toxic looking algebraic seas.

It did have a breathable atmosphere, but it was a very unpleasant place. Sheppard nicknamed it Chunky Monkey for an unknown reason before even traveling there. It held the Asuran base where the Hybrid was created and didn't seem to possesses a Stargate as when the Puddle Jumper was apparently fried, Sheppard said they had no way home. The Jumper's hyperdrive was damaged but did still work so they used it to travel to the nearest Stargate to return home. The base was later destroyed by the Apollo and a Replicator Warship commanded by Oberoth. (SGA: "Angelus")


  • "Chunky Monkey" is a slang term for an overweight person, as well as a flavor of ice-cream, involving banana, fudge and walnuts, from Ben & Jerry's.
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