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"Chimera" is the fifteenth episode of the seventh season of Stargate SG-1.


Dr. Daniel Jackson is plagued with several dreams involving his past, but this time is pushed by Sarah Gardner to reveal the location of the Lost City. However, little does he know, Osiris visits him in his sleep every night until he can find out the city's location. Meanwhile, Major Samantha Carter is seeing someone, a Denver cop named Pete Shanahan.

Previously on Stargate SG-1

Dr. Daniel Jackson's former girlfriend Dr. Sarah Gardner is taken as a host by Osiris and escapes Earth. SG-1 finds a tablet written in Ancient describing a Lost City that could hold the key to defeating Anubis.


Dr. Daniel Jackson is sitting in a room full of artifacts and books, studying them. A woman appears in the room to help. She introduces herself as Sarah Gardner. Suddenly, we see Daniel sleeping with a Memory recall device attached to his temple, while Osiris sits at his side, having the same device attached to her temple.

In a coffee shop, Major Samantha Carter is sitting at a table when a man appears and starts flirting with her. After some time, she kisses him, and it is revealed that they already know each other. After some additional talk, she leaves. At Stargate Command, Sam talks with Daniel, who tells her about his strange dream. Next, she enters an elevator and starts talking with Colonel Jack O'Neill about her new friend, Pete Shanahan, and that her relationship with Pete was set up by her brother Mark Carter.

That night, Osiris again appears and enters Daniel's dream. In this dream, she (as Sarah) starts to develop a relationship with Daniel and represents herself as a great fan of him and his work. Abruptly, she ends the connection and uses an Asgard transporter to leave the room, confusing Daniel, though he doesn't wake up.

The next day, Sam has a date with Pete at her home. When he kisses her, she nervously breaks it up. In Daniel's dream later that night, Sarah shows him a tablet with strange symbols and tells him about it. Enthusiastically, he starts translating it.

The next morning at the SGC, Daniel is extremely tired and talks with Sam and Teal'c about his dream. They think it possibly has something to do with his time as an ascended being. In his next dream, Daniel finds out more about the tablet and tells Sarah about it. In reality, he talks with Teal'c again about his dream.

That evening, Sam has a date with Pete. She goes dancing with him, and afterwards they spend the night together at Sam's house. In the meantime, Daniel has another dream about the tablet and Sarah. In the morning, Pete talks with Sam about his past but later leaves frustrated because Sam doesn't talk about hers. In his car, Pete contacts Special Agent Dave Farrity of the FBI and asks him to find out more about Sam, who later reveals to Pete that Sam's background information has been blocked.

At the SGC, Daniel again talks with Sam and Teal'c about his dreams and Sarah. This time Teal'c reveals that there is a Goa'uld device which allows them to enter other people's dream. They talk with Jack and Major General George S. Hammond about it and develop a plan to capture Osiris who they plan to have removed from Sarah by the Tok'ra in order to finally free her. Sam later talks with Jack about her relationship with Pete.

Osiris using harakesh

Osiris using a Zatarc ring.

At night, SG-1 supervises Daniel in his bedroom from a nearby truck, when suddenly Osiris appears. Jack and Teal'c enter Daniel's house but keep quiet until morning. Sam continues surveillance from the truck while she, in turn, is watched by Pete who has secretly been following her. In his dream, Daniel finally gives up, admitting he never knew the location of the city. Osiris ends the connection and attacks him with her Kara kesh, but the others intervene. When Osiris can't use her transporter she leaves the house while attacking SG-1 with a Za'tarc ring. Outside Pete appears, but he and Sam are attacked by Osiris, who has activated a personal shield and blows up the truck. Osiris is stunned by Jack, but Sam realizes that Pete was critically wounded.

At the SGC, Sarah wakes up with a start; Daniel, sitting at her bedside, explains that they captured her and had Tok'ra extract Osiris. Finally free, Sarah breaks down and cries on Daniel's shoulder. In another room, Pete is visited by Sam, who finally tells him the truth about her work and the Stargate.


1928; Abydos; Adam-12; Ancient language; Anubis; Asgard transporter; Fred Astaire; Barney Miller; Bowling; Bra'tac; Mark Carter; Cheyenne Mountain; Chicago; Coffee; Colorado Springs; Dating; Deep-space radar telemetry; Denver; Dirty Harry; Doughnut; Dream; Egypt; Federal Bureau of Investigation; The French Connection; Sigmund Freud; Giza; Hieroglyphs; Jamming device; David Jordan; Kara kesh; Latin; Lost City of the Ancients; Lost city tablet; Memory recall device; Morocco; Nile; NORAD; Oma Desala; Osiris' Al'kesh; Pizza; Police; Rya'c; Serpico; Singin' in the Rain; Stargate Command gym; Stargate Command infirmary; Starsky and Hutch; Tea; Thor; Tranquilizer gun; Transportation rings; University of Cambridge; University of Chicago; Wine; Za'tarc ring

Notable Quotes

Carter: I feel compelled to warn you. Most of the guys I've dated recently have died.
Pete: As in—
Carter: Dead.

Sarah: You know I must have read everything you ever published.
Jackson: Everything?
Sarah: Yes.
Jackson: Well what a waste of time.

(After Carter hums the "Stargate" theme in the elevator)
O'Neill: Humming?
Carter: I am?
O'Neill: You are.
Carter: Sorry.
(A brief pause)
O'Neill: What's his name?
Carter: Now, why --
O'Neill: Humming.
Carter: Pete.
O'Neill: Pete.
Carter: Pete Shanahan. He's a cop.
O'Neill: Speeding again, are we?
Carter: From Denver. He's a friend of my brother's.
O'Neill: A setup?
Carter: Pathetic, I know.
O'Neill: No, it's great.
Carter: Really?
O'Neill: Isn't it?
Carter: Well, it's not serious or anything.
O'Neill: And yet, it is...hum-worthy.
Carter: Sir...
O'Neill: Now, Carter, it's none of my business. I'm just happy that you're happy about something other than...quarks.

Farrity: If you ask me this Major Carter is connected to something big. you might want to back off from this one, okay buddy? This one's way out of your league.
Pete: Hey! It's not like I'm dating her or anything.
Farrity: Right.

O'Neill: Teal'c's picking out his donuts. He loves a good stakeout.

(While on the stakeout)
O'Neill: Hey Daniel...Daniel, you sleeping yet?
Jackson: Yes, Jack, I'm fast asleep.


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  • Dr. Daniel Jackson says of his dreams "Things were all mixed up, my hair was different." This is a reference to any omissions the show may have made in scaling back the timeline to before the start of the show or the movie for these dreams. Daniel's hair was longer in both early seasons and the movie, one assumes that years before in the timeline it was long as well.
  • Major Samantha Carter is humming the Stargate SG-1 theme tune in the elevator. In an gateworld interview, Amanda Tapping said she actually wanted to hum the MacGyver theme but couldn't remember the melody.
  • David DeLuise is the fourth DeLuise to appear on Stargate - Dom, Michael, and Peter have all appeared in the past.
  • At the gym, Teal'c is lifting approximately 390lb (177kg) attached to a 45lb bar, for a total of 435lbs of weight (197kg).
  • This episode was alternatively entitled Black Widow Carter. In the episode, Carter mentions how all of her boyfriends in the past are dead, which is accurate.
  • Colorado Springs does in fact have a zoo, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Joseph Mallozzi said in an interview at that this was supposed to be a subtle hint that Carter spends too much time at work to notice what her city has to offer.
  • Neither Sarah Gardner nor the Osiris symbiote return to the series after this episode, although their exact fates have never been revealed. Gardner most likely was debriefed and then returned to her normal life; Osiris was probably killed. From a real-world respective, the characters' storyline was likely wrapped up to save the cost of flying Anna-Louise Plowman back and forth from her home in the United Kingdom while still leaving things open for her characters to return.
  • At the beginning of the episode, there is a shot of what should be the University of Chicago, in fact the shot is of the University of Chicago Lab School, a lower school affiliate.
  • Teal'c refers to the events of "Orpheus".
  • Chimera is the fire-breathing Greek monster made up of a lion, a goat and a serpent, although the 'composite' nature of Sarah/Osiris as a threat, and the dream aspect of the interaction both make the analogy more suitable than it might first appear.

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  • French: Chimères (Chimeras)
  • Italian: Chimera (Chimera)
  • Spanish: Quimera (Chimera)
  • Czech: Chiméra (Chimera)
  • German: Daniels Träume (Daniel's Dreams)
  • Hungarian: Kiméra (Chimera)

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