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Template:SG1-1 "Children of the Gods" is the first episode of the first season and also the series premiere of Stargate SG-1.


A year after the first mission to Abydos, Earth's Stargate activates on its own. An enemy named Apophis and his loyal Jaffa kidnap a member of the personnel from Cheyenne Mountain. While a team led by Colonel Jack O'Neill investigates, they reunite with Dr. Daniel Jackson on Abydos where soon Apophis returns and kidnaps Skaara and Sha're, Daniel's wife with both captives later becoming hosts to Apophis's Queen and son. The team track Apophis to Chulak to rescue their missing comrades and in making their presence known, unknowingly trigger the start of a long war that ultimately threatens to change the entire Milky Way galaxy forever...


Part 1

"Get re-assed to NASA, that's where all the action's gonna be."
Jack O'Neill to Major Bert Samuels

One year previously, Colonel Jack O'Neill led a team through the Stargate to the planet Abydos. After killing the System Lord Ra by ringing a nuclear warhead onto his ship as it left Abydos, O'Neill returned to Earth with two survivors of his team, leaving behind Dr. Daniel Jackson, who remained with his new love Sha're and her brother Skaara.

In the present day, Stargate Command is completely empty and almost deserted with all the equipment in the Control Room having been covered over with sheets.


The five military personnel playing poker.

In the empty Embarkation Room, a group of five Airmen including Senior Airman Carol Weterings are busy playing poker while eating some potato chips.

In spite of the relaxed atmosphere, Weterings can't shake off her uneasy feeling despite her colleagues insisting that they're the only ones who come down here and that the people in charge of the SGC have been shipping personnel out of here for months.

A while later, Weterings's uneasy feeling comes true when a loud rumble echoes through the building, forcing the guards to abandon their game.

The previously-dormant Stargate activating much to the shock of the Airmen.

As they look on, the Stargate soon activates, leaving everyone stunned before they grab some guns as they brace themselves for a possible attack.

However, a mysterious object comes through the Stargate and starts to examine Weterings before cutting off altogether. As she grabs it, a being dressed in armor resembling a serpent arrives through the Stargate and grabs her with the other guards aiming their weapons despite one guard telling his companions not to shoot.

As this happens, more serpent-armor wearing beings emerge through the open Stargate followed by one being who's wearing gold armor as well.

With the Stargate now shut, the being then orders his troops to "kree" before ordering his main guard who is called Teal'c to "Kree".

The being in the gold armor then grabs Weterings and examines her with a mysterious device with one of the guards telling the begin to let Weterings go.

As such, a huge battle begins with the serpent-armored beings having a huge advantage over the poorly equipped guards with the serpent beings slaughtering the guards one by one with the battle eventually leaving the Embarkation Room a huge mess stained with blood, carnage and destruction as well as the lifeless bodies of the guards.

Meanwhile, numerous other guards begin racing for the room, having gotten the call for help. They then reach the room with Major General George S. Hammond in the lead although Hammond orders the troops to hold their fire after seeing an unconscious Wetherings which ultimately gives the enemy enough time to go through the Stargate with the main being's eyes glowing which leaves Hammond stunned.

Hammond in the Gateroom after the massacre.

As silence descends and everyone tries to come to terms with things, Hammond stands on the ramp among all the carnage trying to make sense of what has happened.

Retired Colonel Jack O'Neill.

A few hours after the attack, retired Colonel Jack O'Neill is recalled to Cheyenne Mountain on Hammond's orders. He is questioned, along with his former teammates Major Louis Ferretti and Major Charles Kawalsky about the events leading up to their return to Earth from Abydos.

When they refuse to reveal anything other than what is in their reports, Hammond chooses to send a nuclear bomb through the Stargate to Abydos, believing that the aliens could only have come from Abydos and hoping to destroy whoever came through.

With this threat hanging over his head, O'Neill reveals that he had lied about using the bomb to destroy Abydos. He admits that while the alien Ra was destroyed, the Abydonians are still alive and living in freedom, with Dr. Daniel Jackson living among them. After talking to his superiors, Hammond allows O'Neill to send a tissue box through the Stargate.

The message from Daniel Jackson.

A while later, the box returns to the SGC with the message, "Thanks. Send More," scribbled on it.

As such, O'Neill is recalled to active duty and regains his rank of Colonel.


Carter at the mission briefing.

A while later, a briefing is summoned with everyone in attendance and during the meeting, the astrophysicist Captain Samantha Carter arrives, having been transferred to the SGC from the Pentagon.

Despite everyone's positive feelings on the Stargate, Samuel believes that they should bury with the Stargate but Jack disagrees, stating that the beings who attacked them now know that what kind of a threat they are and that the aliens could come by ship instead of using the Stargate.

Hammond soon agrees and gives the team 24 hours to head through the Stargate to Abydos.

A while later, the team composed of Jack, Kawalsky, Ferretti and Carter get ready to leave. Just before they go through the Stargate, Hammond tells Jack to follow orders and to make sure that Jack brings Daniel back this time with Jack agreeing.

On Jack's orders, the team head through the wormhole with Carter staying behind for a few seconds to assure Jack that she won't let him down.

Carter then gets distracted by the wormhole, obviously stunned at what she's seeing with Jack eventually being forced to give her a push which sends her through.

When the team arrive on Abydos with Sam complaining that she's going to be sick, they find a group of Earth weaponry-armed Abydonians waiting for them.

It looks like it's going to be a tense stand-off until Daniel arrives, telling everyone to lower their guns. As everyone greets each other, Jack tells Daniel what happened on Earth with Daniel stating that the beings didn't come through this Stargate.

As they wait for a raging sandstorm to pass, the group settle down for an evening meal.

During that time, Sam meets Daniel for the first time with the two quickly forming a strong friendship.

Daniel leads O'Neill, Kawalsky, and Carter to a large cavernous room that has innumerable hieroglyphs on the walls. The archaeologist reveals that he believes that the hieroglyphs of the cartouche match the various symbols on the Stargate, leading him to believe that the walls are actually a map of the coordinates of a vast network of Stargates across the Milky Way with Jack coming to the realization that the Stargate can go to other places in the galaxy.


The aftermath of Apophsis's attack on Abydos.

While O'Neill and the others are gone, everyone continues celebrating with Ferretti remarking to one solider that they've got to give Daniel credit because Sha're is one beautiful woman.

Suddenly, the Abydos Stargate opens, causing everyone to run for cover and hide while a few of the Abydonians along with some members of the SGC teams prepare themselves for battle.

As the wormhole appears, Jaffa Serpent Guards emerge, firing staff weapon blasts which kill numerous Adydonians. Skaara joins in the gunfight but is captured and subdued but not before Apophis's First Prime asks him where he got the weapon from with an angry Skaara spitting in the First Prime's face.

Sha're attempts to run but is knocked unconscious and kidnapped as well.

Once the Serpent Guards have gotten what they came for, they depart, leaving behind an area full of blood, destruction and dead bodies.

Seconds later, Jack, Sam, Carter and Kawalsky return with Daniel calling for Sha're.

One Abydonian, Bolaa manages to weakly tell Daniel that the being who looked like Ra took Sha're and Skaara before Bolaa dies from his wounds.

As everyone tries to get a grasp on things, Carter tells Jack that Ferretti needs medical treatment now. Daniel tells them to go back and that he can send them back but Jack tells Daniel that Daniel is coming with them because Jack has orders.

With no other options left, Daniel, clearly emotional over leaving his adopted family instructs Tobay to bury the Abydos Stargate after SG-1 leaves and tell Kasuf to reopen it exactly one year later.

The Adydonians saying goodbye to Daniel.

All the Adydonians there then give Daniel one big group hug.

Once the goodbye hug has ended, Daniel heads over to the DHD and begins dialing.

Part 2

The team returning to Earth from Abydos.

Back on Earth, the now occupied Embarkation Room is full of numerous soldiers when the Stargate comes online.

A wormhole is established and the SGC teams return from Abydos, bringing with them the injured members of their respective teams who survived the attack on Abydos.

As Jack approaches Hammond, Jack learns that they've got an Iris to shield them from any other unwelcome surprises. Jack gives Hammond the grim news that the Abydos settlement was attacked by the group that attacked Stargate Command and that Daniel Jackson's wife and brother-in-law were both kidnapped.

Daniel meets Hammond who is extremely hostile towards Daniel with Hammond stating that Daniel isn't in a position to make any demands.

At a palace and under the command of Apophis's First Prime, turbaned guards drag away one of a dozen gaudily dressed young women, the woman in question being Weterings.

Protesting that she's a US Air Force Sergeant and demanding answers, Weterings is later stripped naked and inspected with the Jaffa Priestess holding Apophis's Queen emerges.

The Goa'uld inside the Priestess's belly takes one look at Weterings with Apophis asking, "Does she please you, my love?".

The Goa'uld on the other hand simply retreats back inside the Priestess's belly, suggesting that it does not consider Weterings a suitable candidate for possession.


Weterings dies.

"Shame", Apophis remarks before he uses his Kara kesh to give Weterings's brain an electric shock. This ultimately causes Weterings to start bleeding from her nose and mouth before she finally stops breathing altogether with Weterings later lying on the table, dead,

Apophis then examines Weterings's body in disgust before ordering that another woman be chosen. As Apophis heads off, his First Prime looks on.

Back at the SGC, another meeting is held, this time with Daniel in attendance with Daniel revealing that the story behind Ra and Hammond announces that he's been given permission by the President to form nine teams who will use the Stargate to gather information about any and all possible threats to Earth and to make peaceful contact with the various worlds they visit.

O'Neill is given command of SG-1, with Carter as his second-in-command and Daniel accompanying him, due to his determination to find his kidnapped wife despite Hammond insisting that Daniel needs to be a consultant for the SGC while Kawalsky is given command of SG-2.

When the injured Ferretti who's regained consciousness is able to reveal the symbols that the invaders used to leave Abydos, a mission to the planet is authorized with Daniel accompanying them this time.

As before, Hammond gives them 24 hours and reveals that their iris codes will be locked out with the Stargate being buried. As such, they will be left stranded on the planet forever with no means of ever returning home.

SG-1 and SG-2 on Abydos.

They eventually head through the Stargate and arrive on Abydos to discover that it's freezing cold which leaves everyone stunned. Jack soon recovers and orders them to move before stating that they should get the gear out too.

Back in the palace and at the First Prime's request, the guards return and grab Sha're despite her protesting and screaming.

In the main area of Abydos, the SGC team makes preparations in case they come under attack from the enemy while retreating to the Stargate while Daniel confirms that he has the code figured out.

The guards take Sha're to Apophis and as she continues struggling, Apophis is amused, remarking that Sha're has spirit.

Apophis subdues Sha're with his hand device and as this happen, Sha're is stripped naked before she is laid on the table.

As before, a Jaffa priestess carrying Amaunet, Apophis's Queen appears.

Back at the Stargate, the SGC teams make preparations in case of a possible attack when they're heading back to the Stargate.

The symbiote emerges and begins inspecting Sha're with Sha're terrified.

Having passed the test, Amaunet takes control of Sha're's body almost immediately which the symbiote does by burying itself deep into Sha're's neck.

Sha're as the Goa'uld symbiote, Amaunet begins taking controlling of her.

This causes Sha're to scream with horror as she feels the Goa'uld entering her body while Apophis's First Prime watches, obviously displeased with what is happening.

As SG-1 and SG-2 forge ahead, they meet a group of monks who escort them to the nearby town of Chulak (a name which, incidentally, soon begins to apply to the entire planet). During a meal they find out that Sha're has been taken, and when Daniel runs to her they are taken prisoner.

In the dungeon, the team discovers Skaara and Daniel explains that it was not Ra who kidnapped Skaara and Sha're, but Apophis, named for the Egyptian serpent god of night.

Before Skaara and the team can escape, Apophis and the possessed Sha're enter with several guards, including the leader of the guards, Apophis's own First Prime with Daniel being shocked at seeing Sha're.

Several other Goa'uld come forth and begin to pick people out of the crowd of prisoners who will become hosts to the children of the Goa'uld.

Skaara is among the few to be chosen and is dragged away, screaming frantically for O'Neill who attempts to intervene, only for Jack to knocked down. Daniel wants to be picked to be with his wife but he isn't chosen.

As the hosts are being dragged away. Apophis glances around the room and then orders that the rest of the prisoners be killed and as he departs with Sha're, the prisoners all flee to the other side of the cell, screaming as the Serpent Guards close in, creating a sense of chaos and despair as Jack, Sam and Daniel look on.

As the guards charge their weapons, ready to execute the prisoners, Jack calls to the First Prime, stating that he can save these people before insisting that the other being in question help him.

As Daniel and Jack look on, Teal'c, Apophis's First Prime finally turns against his fellow Serpent Guards.

The First Prime hesitates for a few moments, grimly noting that many have made that promise, before turning on a fellow Serpent Guard and firing on them, killing one.

As he does that, he adds that Jack is the first person he has met who he believes can achieve what he claims.

The now former First Prime then hands Jack a staff weapon and they team up together and turn on the Serpent Guards, killing every single one of them although the guards manage to kill a few of the prisoners first.

Once the remaining guards have been chased away, Jack uses his staff weapon to blast a hole in the way of the cell and as he examines the scene, Carter and Daniel help the prisoners escape.

Meanwhile, Apophis's First Prime, still stunned over what he has done wanders around the cell with Jack calling for the First Prime.

Still struggling to come to terms with what he has done, the former First Prime remarks that he has nowhere to go.

Jack tells him that he can stay at his place before telling the former First Prime, "Let's go".

As they both leave the cell, Jack asks the First Prime what his name is with the being replying that his name is Teal'c.

O'Neill, Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c lead the prisoners away from the palace back towards the Stargate with serpent guards pursuing, having been given the task of killing them.

While escaping the town, Teal'c shows O'Neill that he has a Goa'uld in his stomach, much to the shock of the others. Teal'c then reveals that he is a Jaffa, a servant of the Gods and in exchange for the larva he has, it gives him long life and perfect health before stating that if he were to remove it, he would eventually die.

Near the gate, SG-1 is pinned down by a Death Glider. Kawalsky and SG-2 rescue them by bringing the ship down with an FIM-92 Stinger missile.

At the gate they find Apophis leaving with his wife and the other Goa'uld families - Skaara is among them. O'Neill calls out to him, causing him to hesitate and wait for O'Neill to come closer. However, a Goa'uld has already possessed him. Skaara uses a Kara kesh to throw O'Neill back and then leaves through the gate.

Meanwhile more Jaffa Serpent Guards arrive.

While O'Neill, Teal'c, Kawalsky, and the rest of SG-2 provide cover, Carter and Daniel lead the prisoners through the Stargate and back to Earth.

Carter is the first back to Earth and tells the SGC guards to hold their fire because they've got refugees.

Hammond tells her that he hopes she knows what she's doing.

Back on Chulak, as Jack and the others fend off the approaching Jaffa guards, Daniel helps the refugees gain safe passage and head through the wormhole to Earth although a single staff blast kills one of the refugees.

Just before Kawalsky goes back through the Gate, one of the refugees strangles a Jaffa Serpent Guard to death while one member of the SGC team lies on the ground, injured after being shot by a staff weapon blast.


An infant Goa'uld symbiote emerging from the dead body of a Jaffa Serpent Guard.

Seconds later, the Goa'uld inside the now dead Serpent Guard emerges.


A infant Goa'uld symbiote entering Kawalsky's body.

As Kawalsky attends to the injured member of his team, the symbiote uses that opportunity to slip into Kawalsky's body via his right ear which leaves Kawalsky stunned.

After everyone has made it safely through the Gate, Carter orders that the iris be locked which happens and as that happens, thuds are heard, suggesting that the Jaffa that pursued them are now dead.

Once the wormhole has been disengaged and the iris unsealed as well as the gate shut down, everyone tries to come to terms with the refugees even thanking Jack as well as SG-1 for their efforts.

Hammond asks Jack what's going on and Carter tells the General that they can use the Stargate to send the refugees home.

Hammond isn't too thrilled about seeing Teal'c with Jack defending Teal'c, stating that Teal'c is the man who saved their lives and that Hammond will accept Jack's proposal, then Teal'c will join SG-1.

Hammond states that the decision might not up to Jack himself.

As he takes everything in, Hammond tells Jack and Kawalsky that this is sure to be an interesting debriefing and that it will take place at 0730.

As everyone leaves the gate room to be accessed and for further medical treatment to be given to the injured members of the large group, Daniel looks back at the Stargate and remarks that Sha're is still out there.

Jack tells him that so is Skaara.

"What do we do?", Daniel wonders.

"We find them", Jack states.

With that, the future members of SG-1 head off.

Meanwhile, Kawalsky who was in the background stares at the Stargate for a second before he walks down the ramp.


Kawalsky under the influence of a Goa'uld.

As Kawalsky approaches the end of the ramp, his eyes begin glowing, implying that the Goa'uld has now taken complete control of his body.


A-M18A1 Claymore mine; Abydos; Ancient Egyptians; Apophis' attack on Stargate Command; Arabic; Beer; BFMB Mark V bomb; Binoculars; Book of the Dead; Camcorder; Charles Kawalsky's Goa'uld; Chicago; Chulak; Curren; Death Glider; Dial Home Device; Dialing computer; Divorce; Doppler's Shift; F-16 Fighting Falcon; F.R.E.D.; FIM-92 Stinger missile; G.D.O.; GI Joe; Giza; Goa'uld scanning grenade; Great Pyramids; Gulf War; Hieroglyphs; Joint Chiefs of Staff; Jonathan J. O'Neill's house; Junior; Kangaroo; Kara kesh; Kasuf; Iris; M249 Squad Automatic Weapon; MacGyver; Major Matt Mason; Mark III; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Moonshine; Naquadah; NASA; Temple of Ra; The Pentagon; Poker; Ra; Rome; Sandstorm; SG-2; Skirmish on Abydos; Skirmish on Chulak; Staff weapon; Stargate Command infirmary; Stellar drift; Swope; Titanium; Transport Glider; Star Trek; Major General W. O. West; Yaphetta flour

Notable Quotes

(O'Neill has tossed a Kleenex box through the Stargate to Abydos as a message to Jackson)
Samuels: What if the aliens get it?
O'Neill: Well, they could be blowing their noses right about now.

O'Neill: Oh, here we go. Another scientist. General, please.
Carter: Theoretical astrophysicist.
O'Neill: Which means?
Hammond: Which means she's smarter than you are, Colonel.

Carter: I'm an Air Force officer just like you are, Colonel. And just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside, doesn't mean I can't handle whatever you can handle.
O'Neill: Oh, my problem is not with you being a woman. I like women. I just have a little problem with scientists.

Carter: So you're saying...Ra's not the last of his race after all?
Kawalsky: Maybe he's got a brother Ray.
(officers at the table chuckle)

Carter: Amazing! This is what was missing from the dig in Giza. (laughs) This is how they'd control it ! It took us fifteen years and three super-computers to Macgyver a system for the gate on Earth.
(O'Neill lifts his eyebrows when Carter says the word Macgyver.)

Jackson: I don't pretend to know anything about astrophysics, but couldn't the planets change, I mean uh, drift apart or something like that to throw this map off.
Carter: I knew I'd like you.
Jackson: You mean I'm right?

O'Neill: I can save these people!! Help me! Help me.
Teal'c: Many have said that. (He turns and shoots another Jaffa, then tosses O'Neill his staff weapon) But you are the first I believe could do it!

O'Neill: Hey, come on!
Teal'c: I have nowhere to go.
O'Neill: For this you can stay at my place, let's go!

Carter: Hold your fire, they are refugees!
Hammond: I hope you know what you're doing, Captain.

Children of the Gods – Final Cut

Main article: Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut

A new version of the episode (Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut) was released on DVD (July 21, 2009), re-edited using footage shot in 1997 as well as updated visual effects. The beginning has been slightly altered, a new scene has been added, and the nude scenes in the original Director's Cut have been cut out. The final cut is roughly 7 minutes shorter than the original episode. Joel Goldsmith has re-scored the music. It has been released on DVD in 16:9 widescreen format, and may also be aired on television. In addition, many of the actors were asked to re-record their dialog (e.g. Teal'c's dialog was re-recorded to make the character sound more Jaffa than in the original). Michael Shanks' character, Dr. Daniel Jackson, voice and dialog was completely redone to allow some character continuity with the character's growth throughout the series (i.e., seasons 4-10); this was done to attempt to move away from the original persona that Daniel Jackson was depicted in from the original film, when he was portrayed by James Spader (the director and the actor wanted to steer away from Michael Shanks imitating Spader's version). Amanda Tapping re-recorded most of her dialog as well for the recut.[1]


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  • Teal'c's Jaffa mark is upside-down in a scene where he is talking with Colonel Jack O'Neill. There are also some episodes where it is slightly crooked.
  • When Major General George S. Hammond and related staff reveal the body of the dead Jaffa to Colonel Jack O'Neill, a golden serpent mark can be seen on the forehead of the corpse. These marks are only present on the foreheads of First Primes, yet Teal'c survived the fight in the gate room. This was probably an early production shot before the significance and lore of the forehead markings was fully established.
  • In the first scene of Part 1, the Air Force guards use automatic weapons to kill two armored Jaffa at close range. Later on Abydos, automatic weapons have no effect on armored Jaffa at close range. In Part 2, during the final battle near the Chulak Stargate, the SG teams use automatic weapons to kill armored Jaffa at long range. In later episodes, automatic weapons are generally used effectively against armored Jaffa. This may be explained by a change of ammunition, that earlier ammunition was regular ball ammo and didn't penetrate the armor worn by Jaffa, so later expeditions loaded armor penetrating rounds. This is backed up by the change to FN P90 Personal Defense Weapons later in the series, which are designed around 5.7x28-mm light armor-piercing rounds. On the other hand, since Apophis was participating in these attacks, the Jaffa could have worn better armor than usual.
  • In early firefights the more powerful Colt M16A3 rifle (firing a medium-powered 5.56x45-mm rifle round) is barely effective against Jaffa armor (possibly requiring to hit a gap in the armor). In later episodes when H&K MP5A3 submachine guns are used, their low powered 9mm pistol round somehow manages to have no problem penetrating armor. Even an ammunition change does not explain this.
  • When Hammond explains how the Iris works, the incoming team is not there. It reappears several shots later.
  • When Dr. Daniel Jackson bumps into the Dial Home Device the first time SG-1 arrives on Chulak, it wobbles.
  • The scenes looking down at the descending lift are actually shots looking up at an ascending lift. There is a looping cable visibly defying gravity 'above' the lift
  • When SG-1 is fleeing the prison, Teal'c uses the word "Stargate" in place of "Chappa'ai".
  • On the first time he appears, Hammond in his Service Dress Uniform is wearing his Service Cap inside the facility. All personnel who are not "Under Arms", or otherwise serving in a special ceremonial function, would be "uncovered" (not wearing their uniform's hats) while indoors. The fact that he's ostensibly leading the armed Security Forces teams does not also make him Under Arms.
  • The Major who escorts O'Neill to the lower levels of Cheyenne Mountain is also wearing Staff Sergeant's stripes on the sleeves of his dress uniform. This does not appear to be a new character (the same man who picked up O'Neill at his home) and one can see that he is clearly wearing officer's rank on his shoulder epaulets. Enlisted airmen's Service Uniforms from the time do not even have shoulder epaulets.
  • The initial Mission Briefing includes a Staff Sergeant (E-5) among the Field-Grade Officers around the table. This is entirely inappropriate since such enlisted airmen are first-line supervisors, and therefore not privy to the proceedings of strategic or senior-level meetings. At the very least, it should have been a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer serving as the Senior Enlisted Advisor between the General and the nascent Mission Teams.
  • In both parts of this episode, Charles Kawalsky is referred to as Major, but he is wearing the rank insignia of a Captain, which was used for the character's credit in the Final Cut of the episode.
  • As the Mission Briefing is convened, Kawalsky (now wearing the correct rank insignia) has his feet apart while rendering a salute to Hammond. Even without that mistake, everyone's salutes were nevertheless unnecessary as they were neither individually or collectively reporting to the General's office. They were all both indoors and not in formation, and so the room should have been called to "Attention!" as the General entered.
  • When Captain Samantha Carter first reports for duty, she salutes and reports to O'Neill, who then returns her salute. Although she would be serving under the Colonel's command, she would have been doing so under Hammond's orders and so should have reported to him.
  • When O'Neill is telling Jackson about the encounter with Apophis, he mentions that six hostile aliens came through the gate, but in reality there were eight: Teal'c, Apophis, and six Serpent Guards. Though since two were killed this could be referring to the six remaining hostiles.
  • When showing O'Neill and Carter the chamber full of gate addresses, Jackson mentions that they are separated into groups of 7 glyphs. This seems unlikely as the seventh symbol is the point of origin, and it would be redundant to add Abydos' point of origin into every single gate address. (It is also possible, however, that the seventh symbol in the addresses is not necessarily for Abydos, but an assortment of different points of origin from many different planets.)
  • Further, the glyphs shown on the chamber wall appear to be Egyptian hieroglyphs rather than the constellation-based Stargate symbols. It is possible that Jackson was theorizing that the hieroglyphs corresponded to gate address symbols, but the conversation between him and Carter seems to suggest these are simply the actual gate symbols. Oddly enough, this error seems to extend to all of the SG-1 "complete # season" DVD box set designs, which show pictures of the Stargate itself bearing these hieroglyph symbols, never seen on any gate in the series.
  • Skaara is chosen to be the host of the child of two unnamed Goa'uld yet in later episodes he is Klorel, Apophis' son's host.



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  • Czech: Děti bohů
  • Hungarian: Istenek gyermekei
  • Italian: I figli degli dei
  • German: Das Tor zum Universum (The Gate to the Universe)
  • Finnish: Jumalten Lapset
  • French: Enfants des dieux
  • Spanish: Los Hijos de los Dioses
  • Portuguese: Os Filhos Dos Deuses
  • Russian: Дети Богов (Deti Bogov)
  • Slovene: Otroci bogov
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  • Polish: Dzieci Bogów
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  • Dutch: Kinderen van de Goden
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