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Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment is a software development company based out of Arizona. It was formed in July of 2005 and obtained a license from MGM in September 2005 to create the MMORPG Stargate Worlds based on Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis. The company is currently in the pre-production stage of the game and the release date is unknown at this point. The game is using Bigworld Technology for the development, and consequently, once the game goes into the full development stage, the estimated development time is 18–24 months, with beta testing taking an estimated four to six months thereafter.

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has amassed some of the industry's biggest talents, including Joe Ybarra, one of the founding members of Electronic Arts, now the largest publisher in the PC Game industry.

The name of the company comes from Cheyenne Mountain, a real life Air Force installation and the fictional home of Stargate Command.

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has ownership in Cheyenne Mountain Games which has expanded into four studios. Stargate Worlds, Handcranked Games, Superstition Studios, and a yet to be named studio. Details of projects in production at the three new studios has not been released to the public.


On February 19, 2010, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment filed for bankruptcy, which its employees attribute to the "shady dealings" of the company's (now former) CEO, Gary Whiting. The statement released by the company notes that the filing "may be rescinded" and that that Chapter 11 provides for the reorganization of a company's debt into a manageable plan.[1]

They then released a statement that reveals that shareholders have filed a complaint against Gary Whiting in Arizona court. Cheyenne Mountain alleges Whiting put the company on the hook for a payment to a shell company he controls, and that Whiting's dealings with that company have also exposed Cheyenne Mountain to a lawsuit in Utah. They also say that Whiting and his company bought stock from Cheyenne Mountain and its subsidiaries but failed to honor the purchase terms or make payments.[2]

The company will continue to support their already released game, Stargate Resistance and still has plans for expansions, but it is uncertain what affect the pending litigation will have on the company's financial situation and their products, including the unreleased MMO, Stargate Worlds.


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