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The Cheops class warship, also known as the Pyramid ship, was a type of spaceship used by the Goa'uld. Ra and Heru'ur were both known to each own at least one of these ships.


Main throne room[]

Cheops class warship 5

The throne room on a Cheops class warship.

This room is apparently close to the top of the ship. This can be deduced from the fact that when the armor at the top retracts it allows natural light to enter the throne room. If one enters the room through the Transportation rings there will be a throne visible at the other side of the room and the ring platform is nearly encircled by the arms of a statue. (Stargate)


Cheops class warship 7

Water pit

The only part that is shown in the movie is a deep pit, in which prisoners are forced to stand in chest high dirty water with the only way in or out being a gate at the top. (Stargate)

Death Glider bay[]

Cheops class warship 1

Open bay with Glider leaving

There is a small Death Glider bay at the 'front' of the ship which can hold at least two Udajeet style Death Gliders. (Stargate)

Sarcophagus room[]

Cheops class warship 6

Daniel Jackson waking up in Sarcophagus room

The Sarcophagus room is a room where a Sarcophagus is built into the floor. Unlike with other Goa'uld ships the side at the head of this Sarcophagus also contains the ship's control console normally found in a Pel'tak. (Stargate)

Bath room[]

A room with a large bathtub in the center, found off to the side of the main throne room. (Stargate)

Bed room[]

A room connected to the bath room with a large bed at the center and a long table to the side for holding items. (Stargate)

Landing clamps[]

When the Cheops class lands the lower parts of the ship clamp on to the pyramid underneath. The purpose for this is unknown. (Stargate)


Part of Dr. Daniel Jackson's academically rejected theories about ancient Egypt was that the pyramids were landing sites for alien spaceships, which turned out to be Goa'uld (or specifically Ra's) Pyramid ships.

In 1996, Colonel Jack O'Neill and Daniel destroyed Ra's Cheops class warship, along with Ra, using a Nuclear warhead, which Ra had been planning to send back to Earth through the Stargate. (Stargate)

Ra seems to have used the ship almost exclusively, using it even during his time on Earth. Heru'ur also had similar ships which were used to invade Cimmeria and land on Abydos. (SG1: "Thor's Chariot", "Secrets", "Moebius, Part 2")

In addition, Apophis used one of these ships to land on Cheyenne Mountain in an invasion of Earth in an alternate reality. (SG1: "Point of View")

Warning: The following section is non-canon.

In the comics non-canon universe, Ra formerly possessed another ship of this class called Ra's eye. Hathor later took control of the ship and invaded Abydos. (Stargate: "Rebellion 3")

Known Cheops class warships[]


During "Moebius, Part 1" and "Moebius, Part 2," Ra's Cheops-class ship is shown to be landed on the Great Pyramid during the Ancient Egypt scenes. However, the alternate Teal'c incorrectly identifies it as a Ha'tak.

On the other hand, this may not be an error, in the episode “Thor’s Chariot” Gairwyn said "there was fire in the heavens five or six bursts in a straight line but no sound and then a great metal point came through the clouds", and Teal'c replied "A Goa'uld Ha'tak - a pyramid ship" later the only ships seen were Cheops class which may mean that the Cheops is a variant of the Ha'tak like the transport variant that Apophis and Klorel used in their attempted attack on Earth in 1997.

Behind the scenes[]

The footage of Heru'ur's ship landing on Abydos in "Secrets" is actually footage from the film, played backwards, of Ra's ship lifting off.

In Stargate Origins episode ten, the warship's weapons fire is clearly an edited version of the ship's ring transporter usage from the original movie.


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