This article is about the genetically engineered human. For other characters named Charlie, see Charlie.

Charlie was the name accepted by a boy from an alien planet. Named after Colonel Jack O'Neill's son, he was previously known as "Son" by his "mother".



His "mother", who was in fact a Reetou sent by the Central Authority of the Reetou, created him, and gave him the ability to see his "mother's" race. He was created to be an intermediary to warn the Tau'ri of Reetou Rebels and their plan to attack Earth. Unfortunately, the genetic engineering performed on him had many defects and his organs began to fail. After he completed his mission, he was taken by Tok'ra to their base and was supposed to blend with one of them as the only possible cure. (SG1: "Show and Tell")

Charlie survived and successfully blended. He is different from other Tok'ra. (RPG: "Core Rulebook")


Two weeks after the events on P3X-418, Charlie arrives at the SGC, now considerably grown, but still hairless, bringing news on the Reetou. O'Neill is pleased to see Charlie again who has now been blended with a Tok'ra symbiote named Jentol who reveals that Charlie has been an excellent host, although it took Jentol some time to heal his many ailments. Charlie and Jentol reveal the aftermath of the Reetou campaign against Kali and that they have been relocating the Reetou Hierarchy to a distant world so that the species can rebuild their society away from the Goa'uld. Charlie then goes to visit Carter and see her work on duplicating the technology that she had created to temporarily bring the Reetou into phase with the rest of the galaxy. (SG1: "Kali's Wrath")





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