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Chariot of the Sun was the nineteenth episode of Stargate Infinity

Publishers SummaryEdit

Headed for Earth on a spaceship they've "borrowed," the SG team learns to their shock that they are destined instead to land on Ka'an, the Tlak'kahn home world.


The team finds a mysterious ship emitting dangerous energy on an uninhabited planet. While Harrison and Seattle look for the owners the others break into the ship, much to Stacey's concern. Gus insists on using the ship to return to nearby Earth, unaware that it's actually a Tlak'khan trap - the ship takes them to Ga'Harn, the Tlak'khan homeworld. Da'kyll captures them all and holds them back from the Nax'kan Council by claiming Warrior Right of Capture. Hah'lak sends his own operative, Gal'korn, to free first Gus and then the rest of the SG team and they see through the deception. They get their vehicles and weapons and get to the nearest Stargate to make their escape.



Notable QuotesEdit

Ec'co: These controls look simple enough - even you could fly it, Major.

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