" You are all I have left. My family -- my mother, my father -- they are all gone. If you leave me, I will truly be alone."
Teyla Emmagan to Charin[src]

Charin was an elderly Athosian woman, and a surrogate grandmother of Teyla Emmagan. She was known for her tuttleroot soup.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background information[edit | edit source]

Growing up, Charin was told stories by her grandfather of The Taken, people taken by the Wraith on another planet but who had returned and were eventually massacred or ostracized. Charin grew to suspect that this story was the true origin of those amongst the Athosians who had "the Gift" of sensing the Wraith, but over time she became the only living Athosian to know of the story "for good reason." (SGA: "The Gift")

Growing up, Teyla was close to Charin who she described as a grandmother to her. Teyla would often paint Charin pictures and visit her for her soup. Even after Teyla became the leader of the Athosians, she still made time to visit Charin. (SGA: "The Gift", "Critical Mass")

Charin had a family years before the Atlantis Expedition arrived in Pegasus. She had a daughter and a grandchild 16 days of age who were both taken by the Wraith and presumably fed upon in the same Culling that took Teyla's father. Rather than become bitter at the loss of her only family, Charin took in Teyla and raised her. (SGA: "The Lost")

2005[edit | edit source]

Looking for answers to her powers, Teyla Emmagan has Dr. Carson Beckett fly her to the mainland to visit Charin. After exchanging pleasantries, Teyla asks Charin about her "gift" and if Charin knows the origin of it. Charin deflects the question at first, telling Teyla that a few in every generation have had the power and some believe it to be a gift from the Ancestors. When Teyla persists, Charin admits that she promised Teyla's father to never tell Teyla what she knows. Finally, Charin tells Teyla of her grandfather's story about The Taken and how one was of Teyla's lineage. Charin shares her belief that the Taken are responsible for "the Gift" and gives Teyla the Stargate address of the planet the Taken were originally from. Using Charin's information, the Atlantis team is able to track down a Wraith laboratory and discover the true nature of Teyla's abilities. (SGA: "The Gift")

Several months later, she began to have heart failure and was offered a pacemaker by Dr. Carson Beckett. However, she declined and soon died. She was honored in the Athosian Ring Ceremony. Several Athosians, including Teyla Emmagan, risked their lives to grant her this ceremony at a time when Atlantis was being evacuated due to possible destruction. Beckett also attended the ceremony as well. (SGA: "Critical Mass")

2009[edit | edit source]

While talking about Torren John Emmagan and the Athosian ways of raising children, Teyla tells Lt. Colonel John Sheppard that Charin was her mother, her biological mother having left when she was a toddler and her father being Culled when she was young. By this point, Teyla can talk about Charin and think of the warmth of her tinged with a little sorrow. After hearing this, Sheppard calls Charin "a super lady" and comments on how nice she had seemed to be. Teyla tells Sheppard about the death of Charin's family and how rather than give in to bitterness, she took in and loved Teyla instead who had been orphaned in the same Culling. (SGA: "The Lost")

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