Catherine Womack is a Major in the United States Air Force who served on both the USAF Prometheus and USS Odyssey.



Womack held a bridge post on the Prometheus under Colonel Lionel Pendergast, assuming the station previously used by Major Erin Gant. She was present when the ship was dispatched to intercept a Ha'tak dispatched by the Goa'uld System Lords to test Earth's defenses in the aftermath of the Battle of Antarctica. That vessel was destroyed en route by Ba'al, forestalling a confrontation and the ship that entered the solar system was Thor's ship. (SG1: "New Order, Part 2")

Some time later, she was part of the search for Osiris' Al'kesh in orbit of the planet. When that ship, after being infiltrated by SG-1, attacked the Prometheus, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill hesitated to allow Colonel Lionel Pendergast to return fire; however, she managed to transport the Stargate and SG-1 aboard before the enemy vessel entered hyperspace. (SG1: "Endgame")


During the Full Alert Incident, she searched for and succeeded in destroying the Al'kesh crewed by Trust operatives who had been forcefully taken as hosts by the Goa'uld. (SG1: "Full Alert")


She was also on duty for the ship's final mission, to destroy an Ori satellite over Tegalus which triggered the Battle of Tegalus. When the satellite had instead crippled the Prometheus, prompting Colonel Lionel Pendergast to order the ship's evacuation, she relayed the order and chose a suitable evacuation site. She was hesitant to leave the bridge herself, however; Pendergast had to physically remove her from her post despite Womack being reluctant to do so. She along with other personnel were later beamed to safety seconds before the ship itself was destroyed.(SG1: "Ethon")

Like several other former Prometheus officers including Captain/Major Kevin Marks, Womack later went on to serve on the Odyssey, piloting that ship on its mission to the Pegasus Galaxy and the effort to neutralize the Ori supergate. When the ship came under attack by a Wraith Hive Ship, she successfully performed a slingshot maneuver around a black hole in order to gain them tactical advantage. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project")


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Other equipment[]

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Both Womack's name and rank have been subject to some confusion. She was credited simply as "Comm. Officer" until "Ethon," when she was listed as "Lt. Womack;" despite this, the name on her uniform consistently identified her as "Catherine Ambrose" and usually carried Captain's bars (in "Ethon," she had no rank insignia at all though Colonel Lionel Pendergast referred to her onscreen as "Lieutenant"). In "The Pegasus Project," her uniform bore Major's insignia and the name "Jennings"; nonetheless, the credits listed her simply as "Lieutenant" though Stargate SG-1: The Illustrated Companion Season 10 later confirmed her as playing Womack in this episode.