"About bloody time, what took you so long?"
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The clone of Carson Beckett was one of Michael Kenmore's creations after holding the real Dr. Carson Beckett prisoner on M8G-352. The clone has the same physiology as the real Beckett, as well as the same mannerisms and the same memories up until the time he was captured.



Back in 2006, the real Carson Beckett was looking after the 200 Wraith that turned Human on M8G-352, including Michael, so that he could teach them how to administer the Iratus bug retrovirus on their own. However, a faction of Wraith learned the truth about their past, and Michael held Carson prisoner. Beckett was later released by Teyla Emmagan. However, Michael took some cells from Beckett and escaped to a hideout of his own, where he created the clone. With the creation, Beckett believed that he was still captured.

Michael made his clone so that he could help upgrade the Hoffan drug. Beckett refused to help. However, Michael brought in a young woman no more than 20 years old and killed her right in front of Carson. With Michael's promise that he would kill one person in front of him every day until he'd help, Carson immediately co-operated. For two years, he worked to minimize the mortality rate of the Hoffan drug to 30%, but still remained hopeful that his people would eventually find him. (SGA: "Misbegotten", "The Kindred, Part 1", "The Kindred, Part 2")


He was eventually found in 2008, by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team, unintentionally, because the real Beckett was killed in an explosion a year previously. (SGA: "Sunday") Dr. Jennifer Keller discovered that the Beckett they discovered was a clone, since the Telomeres had shortened from the man of his age. They also learned that his cells were degenerating, and could die. His first sign was that he fainted during an operation to save Nabel Golan's life. Beckett learned that he would have died long ago, but didn't because Michael created a serum that eliminated his degeneration.


Beckett is in stasis to save his life.

He still insisted on helping, as he knew where the Athosians were held, as well as a pregnant Teyla, who was captured for Michael's purposes. He managed to have arrived on the planet in question, with a few teams. Beckett found Teyla and killed both of her guards. However, he was later stunned by Michael, who he couldn't shoot because Michael made all his creations obey him. After returning to Atlantis, they had to put him in a stasis pod, so that they can find a way to save his life. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")

The Seed2

Beckett is given the serum to save his life.

Two months later, Keller found a way to replicate the serum from Michael's database left on M2S-445. They tested the serum, which worked and Beckett was treated. However, Dr. Rodney McKay learned that he was to be sent back to Earth, until such a time he would be deemed fit to return to the Atlantis expedition. But before he returned, he had to stay in Atlantis to save Keller, after being infected with a Wraith pathogen that was slowly converting her into a Hive Ship. He developed a phage that would stop the pathogen spreading. After the success, he was sent back to Earth to recover completely. (SGA: "The Seed")

After six months on Earth, he returned to Atlantis. However, after only a week, he decided to leave Atlantis. He decided his place wasn't with the Expedition, because he was partly responsible for the dissemination of the Hoffan drug, causing the suffering of countless people. He was going to start traveling the galaxy helping the people out there. However his expertise was still needed when Major Anne Teldy's team came across a Wraith lab involving Michael's experiments. He helped Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and the team wipe out the army of creatures terrorizing the lab's nearby village. After the mission, he proceeded in packing up and leaving. (SGA: "Whispers")

Beckett started journeying between several planets in Pegasus, helping out as a doctor and working on survivors of the Hoffan plague. He did a lot of good and said that he didn't have to worry about having a roof over his head or a meal to eat as he worked. Beckett was apparently resupplied by Atlantis occasionally, as Sheppard and his team decided to deliver supplies to him themselves. Beckett was dealing with infections that were developing in survivors of the Hoffan plague from Balar, but the Wraith appeared in the village, looking for the survivors. He and McKay were captured when they were betrayed by the Balarian, Sefaris, and were taken to a Hive Ship to work on finishing a Wraith Scientist's work on detecting the traces of the Hoffan drug. Beckett finished the work, and discovered that he too had the Hoffan drug in his system. Figuring that Michael had probably given it to him as a defense against the Wraith, he went to the Wraith Commander and tricked him into feeding on him, killing the Commander in the process.

He took the Commander's stunner, freed McKay and destroyed all the work on detecting the Hoffan drug. The two then tapped into the ship's communications and contacted Sheppard, who told them to disable the ship's weapons. Beckett covered McKay as he did so and the two then made their way to the ship's Dart Bay, where McKay attempted to fly a Dart. Failing, they beamed themselves into Dart storage and programmed it to only drop things off, not pick them up, causing them to be beamed in front of the planet's Stargate when the Dart they were stored in tried to cull the people escaping. After escaping through the Stargate to Atlantis, Beckett began working on a possible way to use the serum that kept his organs from deteriorating to stop the plague survivors from developing further infections. He also planned to head back out into the galaxy when the evacuated people were relocated, but went to get some lunch with McKay and catch up with him while he was still on Atlantis. (SGA: "Outsiders")

He was later recalled to Atlantis after Dr. Jennifer Keller switched bodies with wanted thief and murderer Neeva Casol. He acted as the head medical officer temporarily until the Keller and Neeva switched back to their normal bodies. When Neeva was shot in Keller's body, he removed the bullet and patched her wound. (SGA: "Identity")


In 2009, Beckett was recalled to fly Atlantis back to Earth to defeat the Super-hive, since he was apparently the second person on the list to fly the chair (the first was Sheppard, who was away on Earth at the time). Rodney in particularly was amazed that his CIA (Chair Interface Aptitude) was so high. He flew the ship through hyperspace, which stopped just within the Milky Way. After a wormhole drive sent the city the rest of the way through, he fired the city's drones at the Hive Ship. However, the drones had little effect, and the weapons fire from the Hive Ship forced the city down to Earth's atmosphere. Richard Woolsey asked him to pull up the city, but Beckett told him that they only had enough power to keep firing or pull up, so Woolsey ordered him to keep firing. After the Hive was eventually destroyed by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's Nuclear warhead, the city went down through Earth's atmosphere, though, Beckett was eventually able to compensate, and managed to land the city (cloaked) outside San Francisco, California. He later joined the command staff on the balcony overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

When the IOA started asking for Todd for experimentation, Beckett refused to have anything to do with it and came up with the plan to put him into stasis instead. Sheppard got Todd to agree and Sheppard and Beckett placed Todd in stasis. As the IOA refused to allow Atlantis to return, Beckett decided to go back on the George Hammond to continue his work rather than stay on Earth. Keller and Woolsey make sure he will get all of the supplies they can give him since he will essentially be on his own again.

When Atlantis returned to Pegasus, it required round the clock piloting so Sheppard and Beckett were forced to each pilot the city in 12 hours shifts during the nine day journey between Earth and Lantea. During one of these shifts five days in, Beckett noticed a "wobble" in the hyperdrive and had to call in Sheppard to determine it was a power problem with the induction array on the East Pier. Two days later while Beckett was piloting, the "wobble" became a serious problem with the array drawing a lot of power and widening the hyperspace corridor bigger than needed. Beckett took the city out of hyperspace, but lost all control when the engines went down and the city went into a spin. McKay managed to restore the engines and Beckett was able to fix the city's spin, but the malfunction drained most of the power from the ZPMs and damaged the hyperdrive beyond their ability to repair. After finding a new planet within sublight range, Beckett and Sheppard switched between piloting for the next five days again.

Once Atlantis is landed, Beckett gives a briefing to all the new medical staff about what to expect in Pegasus with Keller. He and Keller later run a clinic on Wland after a severe Wraith attack before the Genii arrive. Cautious about their appearance on the planet, Beckett orders Keller to return to the Stargate and contact Atlantis for backup rather than risk the Genii not being friendly. Beckett's hopes of a non-hostile situation are dashed when the leader turns out to be Sora Tyrus who recognizes him as well and demands to know where his team is. Beckett claims to be alone and tries to keep his temper as the Genii roughly go through his medical supplies, but gets furious when Tass smashes one of his vials. Sora then decides to take the supplies and Beckett with them, seeing both as useful to the Genii. Before the Genii can take Beckett away, Sheppard arrives with McKay and a team of Marines and demands the release of Beckett and his supplies. Sora refuses and instead demands Teyla in trade for Beckett. Sora threatens Beckett's life to try to get them to agree, but exposes herself from cover in doing so, allowing a hidden Ronon to stun her with his blaster. However, Tass gets ahold of Beckett before he can escape in the confusion and Sheppard reluctantly lets the Genii have the supplies in exchange for letting Beckett go. Afterwards, Beckett is angrier about his stolen supplies than being taken captive and having his life threatened, amusing Ronon.

After Ladon Radim is contacted about the stolen supplies, he personally returns them. Among his delegation is Dahlia Radim who regrets the event as she knows she owes Beckett her life and he was directly impacted. Beckett attends the reception with the Genii and briefly speaks to Dahlia who quickly moves on to Ronon. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

During the final battle with Queen Death, Beckett is once more called upon to pilot Atlantis so Sheppard can help coordinate things in the control room. When Sheppard disappears however, General Jack O'Neill decides to take over instead before Atlantis is sent at the Wraith fleet, leaving Beckett relieved as he's a competent pilot, but not much for flying during battle. With O'Neill in the Control Chair, Beckett returns to the infirmary and treats the wounded during the battle. Later, Colonel Carter finds out that McKay is alive after a suicide mission by finding him demanding Beckett treat him instead of her crew. (SGA: "Inheritors")

Personality and traitsEdit

While sharing many of the traits and personality of the original Beckett up until his capture by Michael on M8G-352 and subsequent cloning, this clone displays a few differences, likely from his time as Michael's prisoner and what he had to go through to survive. An example of this is that he seems a little more vicious and willing to kill than the original Beckett, although he, like the original, doesn't enjoy it. The original showed extreme reluctance to kill, only killing once to save Ronon's life and refusing to kill even when confronted with other Wraith, but this version willingly killed two hybrds saving Teyla, tried to kill Michael without hesitation and was only prevented by Michael's ability to influence him, helped kill several of Michael's experiments and tricked a Wraith Commander into feeding on him on purpose when he knew he had the Hoffan drug and what the effects would be. He also displayed better fighting skills, able to fight off several Wraith at once with a stunner pistol to buy McKay time to hack into a Wraith console. (SGA: "Sateda", "The Kindred, Part 2", "Whispers", "Outcast")

The clone is also possessed by strong feelings of guilt for his role in aiding Michael's work. In an attempt to atone for this, he decides to travel the Pegasus galaxy using his skills as a doctor to help people. He earned substantial respect from the peoples he tended to. This both allowed him to obtain food and shelter easily, and gave him some level of protection, as those who knew his location were willing to go to great lengths to protect him. A particularly prominent example of how deep this respect ran is found in the case of a man who, despite the fact that he had previously sold out Hoffan drug survivors to the Wraith, still refused to betray Beckett.

The clone is shown to be extremely brave in dangerous situations, keeping his head in a bad spot such as when the Wraith had captured him and McKay to find a way to detect the Hoffan drug in human populations. When confronted by Genii soldiers, Beckett lied to them about being alone and only reacted when they started smashing irreplaceable medical equipment, keeping his temper before that rather than provoking them. (SGA: "Outcast", "Legacy: Homecoming")

Despite the original having a nervous personality, the clone is shown have more confidence in himself. An example of this is how the original was afraid to sit in the Control Chair simply in case an approaching hive ship was hostile, but the clone displayed no hesitation in flying Atlantis to Earth and then into battle with the super-hive when Sheppard was on Earth. However, he still prefers others flying the city as he acknowledges that while he's a competent if reluctant pilot, he's not good in battle situations. (SGA: "Misbegotten", "Enemy at the Gate", "Inheritors")

Beckett is shown to be more concerned about his supplies than himself. In one instance, Beckett was angrier that his supplies got stolen by the Genii than the fact that he'd just been kidnapped and had his life threatened. This was amusing to Ronon that Beckett would be more concerned about stolen supplies than a traumatic experience. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

Behind the scenesEdit

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According to Joseph Mallozzi on his blog, Michael would have to duplicate Beckett's neural network or engrams when creating his clone of the original in order to get the same personality. He further more states that it was going to be shown that the Wraith possessed these engrams which were acquired sometime late season 2 and stored on a hive ship which Michael accessed and stole at some point. In addition, it was intended that other duplicate personalities were to be stored as well. This was part of a potential story arc for future use before the show was cancelled.[1]


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