Dr. Carolyn Lam, M.D. was a doctor who became the Chief Medical Officer of Stargate Command following the death of Dr. Janet Fraiser.


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In the far, distant past, at least one Ancient became an ancestor in Lam's or Landry's family line, passing down the Ancient Technology Activation gene to her. (SG1: "Moebius Squared")

Carolyn was the daughter of base commander Major General Henry Landry, and his ex-wife Kim Lam. Carolyn was assigned to Stargate Command not knowing that her father would be the commanding officer. Her original estrangement and feelings of hostility towards her father, which grew as a result of resentment towards him not being present as she grew up, gradually faded as Carolyn began to understand how hard it must have been for her father not being able to express the truth due to his duty's classified nature. The relationship improved to the point she aided in Landry's attempts to reconcile with ex-wife Kim, which ultimately were successful. Before joining Stargate Command she worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1", "The Powers That Be", "The Fourth Horseman, Part 1", "The Fourth Horseman, Part 2", "Family Ties")


She was approached by Major General Jack O'Neill to become the new Chief Medical Officer at Stargate Command and couldn't resist the opportunity working at the facility.

After arriving she was surprised to see her father, Major General Henry Landry, as the new base commander. When Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran activated the Long-range communication device, she monitored their condition and believed they were in a dream state. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 2", "Origin")

After Dr. Daniel Jackson lost consciousness when Vala Mal Doran left Stargate Command, she tried to treat him but was unsuccessful until Vala returned. (SG1: "The Ties That Bind")

When the people of P8X-412 were infected with a virus, she was sent in with a medical team to assist. She was unable to treat the virus but it was cured by the Prior who started it. (SG1: "The Powers That Be")

After Volnek was shot with a Staff weapon by Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, she preformed hours of surgery on him and was able to save his life. With his symbiote dead, she started him on Tretonin. (SG1: "Babylon")

When SG-1 found Khalek on the planet P3X-584, she determined that he was in a Near ascension state. She developed a way to stop his abilities with a dopamine inhibitor. (SG1: "Prototype")

When SG-6 returned from P2X-885 with Ori plague symptoms, she quarantined them and determined Lt. Fischer was patient zero. She did her best to keep the virus contained but was quickly overrun. With the help of Orlin, she managed to create a cure from the antibodies in the blood of patients cured by Gerak. (SG1: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 1", "The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")


When an SG-1 from an alternate reality came to Stargate Command, she determined they were identical to SG-1. (SG1: "Ripple Effect")


After the bombing on Dar Eshkalon, she performed three surgeries on Teal'c as well as nursing Bra'tac back to health. (SG1: "Talion")

She assisted Major General Henry Landry in setting up a dinner with her mother Kim Lam and joined them for dinner. (SG1: "Family Ties")


After the extraction of Ba'al, three rogue Tok'ra decided to steal the Time Jumper and save the Tok'ra by convincing Egeria to spawn more Tok'ra. To that end, they kidnapped Doctor Lam as she had the Ancient Technology Activation gene necessary to pilot it. In the year 2492 BC, Lam and the three Tok'ra were captured by Ra and she was subjected to torture under which she told Ra about the time machine. Lam was subsequently killed and placed in a sarcophagus which revived her, but was rescued by Vala and an alternate Jack O'Neill before Ra could torture her further. Lam treated the injured members of the rebellion against Ra and went to retrieve the other Time Jumper with Danyel (the alternate Daniel Jackson) and Carter as she was the only one besides O'Neill who could fly it. When an attack was launched on Ra's Ha'tak, Lam piloted one of the three Puddle Jumpers into battle alongside O'Neill and a woman named Ai who was a descendant of the Ancients. With Colonel Cameron Mitchell directing her actions, Lam held her own despite not being a fighter pilot and played a pivotal role in the battle, launching a salvo of drones at the ship's Pel'tak, allowing Egeria to injure Ra, take control of the ship and order a retreat from Earth. In the aftermath, Lam treated Carter's injuries and piloted the Time Jumper back to the present where she was reunited with her relieved father. (SG1: "Moebius Squared")


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