The carnivorous creature, also known as a flesh-eating creature, is a creature from an unknown species in the Milky Way galaxy. Little else is known about this creature. SG-1 encountered this creature on a joint mission to P2X-338 to rescue a Russian Stargate team. The creature was placed in Marduk's Sarcophagus as a punishment by his priests. At some point, the symbiote, Marduk, left his host and blended with the creature. Major Samantha Carter sensed Marduk's presence within the creature when it attacked Lt. Tolinev, who survived. During this encounter, Carter shot and wounded the creature. Because the wound was too great for Marduk to heal, the Goa'uld left the dying creature to take Major Sergei Vallarin as a new host. (SG1: "The Tomb")

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