This race has no known canonical name.  While the information presented in this article is canonical, the people/beings described lack an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

Carlin's people were a tribe of Wraith worshippers living on PX5-442.


For generations, Carlin's people lived on PX5-442 which is neutral ground by ancient Wraith tradition. The tribe are Wraith worshippers who have served the Wraith for generations, dressing like the Wraith and painting the hands and faces so they have Wraith facial slits and feeding hands. Carlin's people worship the Wraith as the "dead gods" and see themselves as the dead who will be revived when given the Gift of Life for their service to the Wraith. They also believe that their dead will be resurrected by the Wraith, though after some time they will bury the dead they understand have been gone far too long to be revived in tombs. Carlin's people's belief that they are the dead go so far as to call any other humans the living and their homes the Houses of the Dead. Many of Carlin's people appear to be ill, possibly terminally, having trouble simply walking around their village. Despite this, they refuse to accept help from the "living," only wishing for rebirth from the Wraith. According to Guide, those who serve the Wraith well may be rewarded with the Gift of Life as they hope, but it doesn't appear to often happen. Carlin's people utilize some Wraith technology including heaters that they can apparently cook food on and a device that allows them to access the sensors in the Stargate field and detect when someone has arrived. (SGA: "The Lost")


In 2009, Doctor Jennifer Keller and Ronon Dex of the Atlantis expedition encountered Carlin's people when traveling to PX5-442 to negotiate with the Wraith they know as Todd. Before arrival, they were unaware of the existence of humans on the planet as the Atlantis database listed PX5-442 as uninhabited and a quick sweep by a team led by Major Evan Lorne failed to detect Carlin's people. While meeting with Todd, Keller and Ronon meet Carlin and learn of his and his people's beliefs as Wraith worshippers to Ronon's disgust. While hiding from Wraith loyal to Queen Death, Keller and Ronon are ambushed by Carlin's sister, who appears to be terminally ill and is desperate for the healing she believes Queen Death will give her for turning them over to her. After a brief altercation, Carlin's sister accidentally kills herself when Keller sets off a stun grenade and Todd is less than pleased as he had been assured by Carlin that she was trustworthy. While Carlin's people are supposed to serve whatever Wraith comes to their planet equally, Keller is left worried that Queen Death might have more personal followers amongst the population and they quickly conclude negotiations and leave through the Stargate. (SGA: "The Lost")

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