Dr. Carl Strom was the head of the International Oversight Advisory in Washington D.C.. He was a colleague of fellow IOA member Camile Wray.



Carl, holding a hot dog, speaks with Camile Wray.

Before Destiny, Strom denied Camile Wray's request for promotion four times, but gave no real reason why. After IOA scientists proposed a plan for the ship's personnel to return to Earth, he told Wray to ensure the plan happen, by using her influence to persuade the rest. After Dr. Nicholas Rush sabotaged the plan to force the IOA scientists and Colonel David Telford out of the ship, Young used the opportunity to undercut the credibility of Telford and the IOA, using Telford's actions as precedent that they would simply cut and run at the first sign of trouble. When Young sought to continue the practice of using the Long-range communication device for personal use, Strom attempted to use this desire as leverage against him, only to be cut off mid-sentence by Lt. General Jack O'Neill, who accepted the request. (SGU: "Earth")

Strom with a cunning, deceitful smile

Later, he passed Camile Wray again, who was in CMSgt. Mooney's body to visit Sharon Walker. He attempted to convince her that the IOA's rescue plan might still be viable, and that she should form her own "camp" to break the power struggle between Dr. Nicholas Rush and Colonel Everett Young. (SGU: "Life")

He also appears to have a doctorate in an unknown field. (SGU: "Sabotage")

Behind the scenes[]

Carl Strom was originally given the first name of Dale Storm, but this was changed to Carl before he appeared in any episodes. Despite this, he is still called Dale Strom on the official MGM website.

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