The Canon's ring was a device used by the Canon and later Vala Mal Doran.


These were small rings that were around the ring finger of the left hand. A simple wave over the device activated it with a red light shining on its surface indicating its use. A further wave seemed to designate target coordinates. (SG1: "Demons")

Canon's ring 1

The ring being used to heal.

The ring itself transmitted data to an Aerial Zat'nik'tel Platform which was hovering above the planet and created a bolt of electricity that slammed at a targeted location. Those near the discharge were rendered unconscious with the energy being described as someone being stunned by a Zat'nik'tel. (SG1: "The DVD Collection 17")

The device was also capable of healing a person's minor injures. It is unknown the extent of how powerful the device is and if it rivals or outmatches the Goa'uld healing device. (SG1: "Prometheus Unbound")


Aerial Zat'nik'tel Platform

SG-1 being stunned by the resulting discharge.

When SG-1 arrived on a planet where the inhabitants were terrorised by a Goa'uld possessed Unas servant of Sokar, they attempted to save the people offered as a sacrifice to the creature. However, the Canon arrived and activated his ring which stunned SG-1 allowing the villagers to capture them. (SG1: "Demons")

After the Canon's death, this ring was brought back to Stargate Command and then taken to Area 51 where it was studied. The scientists at Area 51, however, were unable to find a use for the ring without the AZP. (SG1: "The DVD Collection 17")

Canon's ring 2

Vala holding the ring.

The technology was later encountered by Daniel Jackson when the Prometheus was taken over by Vala. She shot him with a plasma repeater and healed him with the ring to persuade him to help her gain further access to the ship's systems. This caused him to become suspicious of her as only Goa'uld's and former hosts (which there are very few of) could use that type of technology and she explained she was a former host. When she later joined SG-1, it is unknown if she possessed the ring and gave it to the SGC for study, but she may have used it to trade or even have lost it in a gamble. (SG1: "Prometheus Unbound")

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