"Make sure Camulus knows he will forever be branded a traitor and a coward."
Amaterasu to Dr. Weir[src]

Camulus was a Goa'uld System Lord. In Celtic mythology, Camulus was a god of war.



Camulus is the first System Lord to request a formal meeting with the Tau'ri to discuss a treaty following the defeat of Anubis. During the treaty negotiations, Camulus and his fellow System Lords, Yu and Amaterasu, demonstrate their well-known arrogance, making both demands and threats. Eventually, talks break down and the System Lords are imprisoned after it is learned they have dispatched a Ha'tak to Earth. Seeing no point in holding them, they are eventually set free, at which point Camulus requests asylum on Earth. His armies have been decimated, he has nothing to go back to. He believes he may be of some use to the Tau'ri. Amaterasu and Lord Yu depart, but not before Amaterasu declares Camulus a traitor and a coward. (SG1: "New Order, Part 1", "New Order, Part 2")

Later, Ba'al demanded Camulus' life in exchange for SG-1, which he claimed he was holding prisoner. Camulus explained that he had once bragged to the System Lords about holding a ZPM which was fifty percent charged. However, as Camulus couldn't figure out how to work it, he rigged the ZPM to detonate if exposed to an electrical current. Brigadier General Jack O'Neill offered Camulus the chance to use the ZPM to kill Ba'al. However, Camulus had been given a depleted ZPM. Ba'al apparently killed him afterwards as Dr. Daniel Jackson told Vala Mal Doran he is dead. (SG1: "Zero Hour", "Prometheus Unbound")

Alternate timelines[]

System Lords

Camulus with four other System Lords in the alternate timline

In an alternate timeline created by Ba'al, Camulus was one of the Goa'uld under Ba'al and assisted him in his attack on Earth in 2009. He "gave" half of his domain, Australia, to the Free Jaffa Nation. (Stargate: Continuum)


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