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This episode is part 2 of 3; it is preceded by "Crusade" and followed by "Flesh and Blood".
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"Camelot" is the twentieth episode of the ninth season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 travels to Camelot, after finding its address from Arthur's Mantle, in the hopes of finding a means to stop the Ori before they arrive in the Milky Way. Meanwhile, a new Supergate is discovered, where they plan to prevent the Ori from dialing in, but they are too late.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

Vala Mal Doran comes to Stargate Command with a tablet written by the Ancient Merlin. The tablet leads to a cave under Glastonbury Tor where SG-1 finds many artifacts. Later, Vala makes contact from the Alteran Home Galaxy and informs team that she is pregnant and the Ori are building a fleet of ships and they are preparing to leave. Dr. Daniel Jackson and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter discover Merlin's plans for a weapon that could defeat the Ori and a Stargate address for the planet where he hid it.


Camelot (episode) 1

SG-1 arrives at Camelot in search of Merlin's weapon

SG-1 has traveled to the planet Camelot, which is believed to be the hiding place of Merlin's weapon, despite not knowing precisely what it looks like or does. There, they find a village, complete with a Sword in the stone similar to the one found in the Avalon cave on Earth. Soon they are greeted by the village leader, Meurik, and welcomed to Camelot - the once and future home of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

After some inquiries, during which they learn that Merlin is not remembered fondly in the town, SG-1 discovers that Merlin built a library in Camelot, but that it is protected by a powerful curse: the Black Knight, which SG-1 assumes is a holographic guardian similar to the one located in the Avalon cave.

Still persistent on finding the weapon, Dr. Daniel Jackson convinces the village historian, Antonius, to help them enter the library. Once inside, they spend some time going through the collected books without result. When Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell finds a secret passage, which leads to a chamber containing an Ancient control panel, Antonius decides to leave, saying they have tempted fate enough for one night. When he arrives in his home, he is attacked and killed by the black knight.

The village leader, Meurik, discovers that the five of them had entered the library, and demands that SG-1 leave the village. Jackson realizes that Merlin designed this Black Knight to attack the village specifically to generate this type of reaction. If the Knight only killed those in Merlin's library, there would always be someone else willing to risk it. By having the Knight kill someone in the village, the entire town would try to prevent anyone entering the library.

The team tries to convince the villagers that the Knight is just a security device, but is unexpectedly beamed aboard by the Odyssey which leaves all the villagers shocked.

Supergate 1

The fully-formed Supergate.

Once aboard the Odyssey, Colonel Paul Emerson tells them that the Free Jaffa Nation who were investigating some unusual energy readings have discovered a fully formed Supergate at P3Y-229 with Carter theorizing that the planet was probably destroyed when the Supergate was first created which also explains why Stargate Command who have been trying to dial the planet haven't been able to get a lock.

Emerson also explains that his orders were to pick up SG-1 and to proceed directly to the Supergate. Unfortunately, the Daedalus is still in the Pegasus Galaxy, presumably assisting the Atlantis expedition, but Russia's new Daedalus-class vessel, the Korolev will be joining them in the battle despite the fact that it's being rushed into service. Emerson states that they're to meet up with as many Jaffa and Tok'ra ships as they can muster with the orders being to destroy the Supergate at all costs.

Nonetheless, Daniel and Mitchell return to Camelot, in the hopes of finding a way to defeat the Black Knight (Merlin's Curse) and find the weapon before being picked up by the Korolev.

Since the villagers remain unhappy with SG-1, the Odyssey beams them directly into Merlin's library, where Daniel searches for the means to deactivate the knight hologram. His first attempts are unsuccessful, and the knight again appears in the village. Mitchell attempts to fight it, but does not fare well - even after a local girl, Valencia, manages to draw the sword from the stone and gives it to him. Eventually, though Daniel does manage to make a room full of treasure appear, along with a hologram of Merlin, he shoots the device's control crystal in order to stop the knight.

Camelot (episode)

The allied fleet assembles after locating the Ori Supergate

A large Jaffa fleet has already assembled at the Supergate by the time the Odyssey arrives; Teal'c immediately transfers to the nearest Jaffa vessel, saying only that he intends to enlist "some much-needed allies." Soon afterward, an Asgard ship drops out of hyperspace, delivering Kvasir to the Odyssey. There, he and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter search to find a way to activate the Supergate, and prevent the Ori from dialing in.

Meanwhile, Teal'c flies an unmarked Tel'tak into Lucian Alliance territory, where he is captured and brought before Netan. Teal'c implores Netan for assistance, but Netan would rather have Teal'c killed. However, after Teal'c overpowers his guards, takes one of their weapons and makes a point of not killing Netan, the Lucian Alliance leader reconsiders his request.

In Camelot, Daniel and Mitchell search through the treasure for a stone pendant that Daniel believes to be Merlin's weapon, eventually being greeted by the villagers. Meurik identifies the pendant they seek as the Sangraal - the Holy Grail, in search of which Arthur departed the world long ago. He says there is no need to worry, however: since Valencia's pulling the sword from the stone, in his view, is a sign that Arthur will soon return. Daniel attempts to convince the villagers that nothing supernatural is at work here, but he and Mitchell are then beamed up by the Korolev in the midst of Daniel's argument.

Despite the failure to find the weapon, Carter convinces Emerson that dialing out from the Supergate is still worthwhile, as it would at least prevent the Ori from sending any ships through. Therefore, she undertakes a spacewalk to replace the Supergate's dialing crystal with one she and Kvasir have modified.


The Supergate comes online.

Unfortunately, before the new crystal can be put into effect, the Supergate activates with a massive wormhole emerging which ultimately causes Sam's magnetic lock to disappear and leaves her drifting into space.

Samantha Carter 5

Sam as the Supergate comes online.

As the Supergate comes online, signalling that the Ori are ready, Sam can only mutter "Oh my God", obviously horrified and in disbelief at what's going on.

Battle of P3Y-229 2

The Korolev arriving to join the battle.

The Korolev then drops out of hyperspace and arrives at the site with Mitchell and Daniel on board. Colonel Emerson advises the Korolev to prepare for battle with the Korolev bracing itself as Mitchell grimly states that the Ori are coming.

Supergate 2

The first wave of Ori warships arriving into the Milky Way Galaxy.

As that happens, four Ori warships arrive through the Stargate, facing off against the allied forces.

Kvasir's O'Neill

The allied forces of the Tau'ri, Asgard and Jaffa launching their respective attacks against the four Ori warships.

A brief stand-off quickly descends into battle. Despite the allied forces's best efforts, the four Ori ships prove themselves to be far superior.

Even Teal'c's last-minute arrival with three Lucian Alliance vessels proves to be of little help: the four Ori ships quickly overwhelm the allied forces, destroying the Korelev and several other ships. Carter, still trapped in space near the Supergate, can only watch in despair as the carnage continues.

Eventually, with their victory clear, the four Ori warships head off, leaving behind a trail of destruction and damage.


Vala on one of the Ori warships.

Meanwhile, on board one of the Ori warships, Vala Mal Doran is similarly helpless as she witnesses the battle through a large observation window and contemplates her soon-to-be-born child, before realizing seconds later - to her horror - that her labor has started …


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Notable quotes[]

Jackson: This is interesting. This is a reference to Merlin's prophetic abilities. There's a similar myth on Earth — Merlin could see the future because he actually aged backwards in time. It's not meant to be taken literally, but we have seen that a lot of legends in folklore have a strong basis in fact: Avalon, Atlantis...
Teal'c: The Easter Bunny.
Jackson: ...I guess there's a few exceptions.

(Out of frustration, Jackson has shot and damaged the control panel's crystals to deactivate the black knight hologram.)
Mitchell: So all you had to do was shoot the control crystals?
Jackson: Pretty much.
Mitchell: Sounds like one of my plans...

Teal'c: (to Netan, while pointing a gun in his face) I should kill you where you stand, but as I have said, (he lowers his gun) I have come seeking your assistance. The fate of the galaxy is at stake.

Carter: We've managed to locate the dialing control crystals on one particular section of the gate. Now Kvasir's already programmed a replacement crystal, so it's just a matter of somebody getting out there and installing it.
Emerson: And I suppose you'd like to volunteer.
Carter: Yes, sir.
Kvasir: I would go, but you do not have a spacesuit that would fit me.

Jackson: Look... once and for all, there was no curse.  Okay?  This is a device.  It's a machine, it's like a flour mill or a catapult, it's just a lot more complicated.  There is no magic.
(He and Mitchell are beamed away; the villagers exclaim in surprise.)
Jackson: Boy, my timing's off today!

Marks: Sir, we're receiving a message from one of the Ori ships. Text only.
Emerson: What does it say?
Marks: "And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made into dust."
(Scene switches to the Korolev)
Chekov: Is that all it says?
Mitchell: Yeah, that's it.
Jackson: Open a channel? (The Pilot opens a radio channel) "Then did Tyolus say to the people of the low plains, 'seek not wickedness amongst your neighbors, lest it find purchase in your own house'."
Mitchell: What was that?
Jackson: Book of Origin.
Mitchell: Think it'll help?
(Jackson shrugs.)


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • This is the first Stargate SG-1 season finale since "Revelations" that was not intended to be the SG-1 series finale, and the first one since "Exodus" that was a cliffhanger (though it does not have the traditional "To Be Continued" title card at the end).
  • The title harks back to the Season Nine premiere "Avalon, Part 1", which deals with another Arthurian myth.
  • This episode was written without the knowledge that Stargate SG-1 would be picked up for a tenth season, meaning that this could very well have been the series finale, ending the show on a cliffhanger.
  • The battle at the end of this episode is generally referred to as the "Battle of P3Y-229", after the planet that used to be where the Supergate is located.
  • The Asgard believe that Merlin's anti-ascended weapon is an energy transfer device similar to a Zero Point Module, but instead of drawing energy from sub-space it transfers energy into the plane of existence where ascended beings live. If they are right, the weapon only needs to be activated and sent to the Ori galaxy—and it will eliminate the Ori.
  • The machine used in Merlin's Library is very similar to the Ancient Time-Machine seen in "Window of Opportunity".


  • The schematics on the Korolev are shown to be that of a BC-303 class. They should be "304" schematics.
  • After Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter installs the new control crystal into the Ori Supergate, she says "this will just take a few minutes to initialize" and presses a button on her space suit. The next shot shows Colonel Carter looking at the screen on space suit and the control crystals, however the slot where the new control crystal should be is empty.


Other languages[]

  • French: La Première Vague (The First Wave)
  • Italian: La Maledizione Del Cavaliere Nero (The Curse of the Black Knight)
  • Spanish: Camelot (dubbed in English)
  • Czech: Kamelot (Camelot)
  • Hungarian: Camelot (dubbed in English)

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