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Camelot, also known as PX1-767, is a planet inhabited by a medieval level population who were once ruled by King Arthur.


Many of the Arthurian legends there differ from the Tau'ri legends: Arthur defeated Mordred in the Battle of Camlann, while Merlin was viewed as a malicious trickster. The planet was where Merlin hid his research on the Sangraal, to prevent the Ancients and the Ori from finding it. He locked his research in a library that contained a holographic guardian, and spread rumors that the library was cursed (protected by a Black Knight). Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Dr. Daniel Jackson were able to defeat the guardian, which then revealed a great treasure that the two of them gave to the people of Camelot. They also learned that Arthur had left to quest for the Sangraal to one of three planets: Castiana, Sahal, and Vagonbrei. (SG1: "Camelot")


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Behind the scenes[]

Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection issue 63 gives an entirely different address for this planet (0030Ega013005012019) which contains the point of origin for Earth. As this is overridden by visual evidence from the show, and the fact that addresses can not contain points of origin, we do not use it in this article.

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