"Our people would rather die than live under Rand rule."
Minister Chaska[src]

The Caledonian Federation, also known as simply Caledonia is one of the two nations on the planet Tegalus, the other being the Rand Protectorate. They have been in a state of cold war for several decades as each nation has many weapons and could easily both destroy the other.


SG-1's arrivalEdit

After SG-1 arrived a religious zealot named Soren began to preach that his beliefs had been proven and the gods (SG-1) were returning through the Stargate. Due to unrest caused by Soren and his fundamentalists a missile was launched and hit the Rand Protectorate. This missile strike began a war between the two nations and caused great damage to both of them. Caledonia received more damage due to the Rand's more accurate targeting system. (SG1: "Icon")

Ori influence on the Rand ProtectorateEdit

Around a half of year later, the two nations had been somewhat rebuilt with the help of Stargate Command, however, a Prior of the Ori came through through the gate. Since the Rand Protectorate had control of the gate they met with the Prior. The Prior gave step-by-step plans to the Protectorate on how to build a satellite weapon. When Earth learned of this satellite they sent the Prometheus to destroy it. This attempt failed, however, when the satellites shields were activated and the Prometheus could not breach them. The Prometheus was quickly crippled by the satellite and Colonel Lionel Pendergast stayed aboard the ship while the crew was beamed down into the Federation. After taking multiple shots, the Prometheus finally split at the neck and exploded. More than 39 of its 115-plus officers and crew died with her including Colonel Pendergast while the others were beamed down into the Federation.

With the help of Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, and Teal'c, they hatched a plan to disable the Rand's power and destroy the satellite with a F-302 fighter-interceptor when it was without shields. Before Teal'c and Mitchell could destroy it Dr. Daniel Jackson contacted them from the Rand Protectorate as he was their prisoner. He suggested a cease-fire and a deal be made in that the Stargate would be given to the Federation and they would be allowed to leave the planet if they did not wish to follow Origin. The deal was accepted after the death of the Rand's president by their military commander. Unfortunately, after SG-1 returned to Earth the talks broke down and both countries destroyed each other. (SG1: "Ethon")

People from the Caledonian FederationEdit


  • Caledonia is the Latin name given by the Roman Empire to the geographical area of modern-day Scotland.
  • The Caledonian Forest is the name of a type of woodland that once covered vast areas of Scotland. Today, however, only 1% of the original forest survives.
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